Michael Flynn Is Cooperating with The Truth About Donald Trump's 6 months ago   09:53

Late Night with Seth Meyers
Seth takes a closer look at the special counsel revealing that President Trump's ex-national security adviser, Michael Flynn, has been cooperating with multiple investigations after lying to the FBI.
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Michael Flynn Is Cooperating with Robert Mueller: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Fraser ODonnell
8:03 Trump may be the president, but he's still a human being
Kiki C
You're right, Putin IS a funny word to say!
Alicia Kukawski
So this is who we get when Trump gets impeached? We need new laws surrounding this, it should only go to the VP in death situations, Trump himself has said that Pence wants to hang gay ppl.
Thomas Panto
A WIRE TAP was not required to know that the Trump's are LIARS.
1.) The ''RIGGED SYSTEM'' , that Donald Trump complained about, made Donald Trump the republican candidate for president.
2.) Benghazi: None of the generals responsible for the security of our 174 bases , 622 sub-bases, in foreign countries were charged with negligence.
3.) FBI, CIA and Congress investigators PROVED that Hillary had nothing to do with clashes in Libya, Syria or Benghazi.
4.) The FBI says neither senders nor receivers to/from Hillary Email broke any laws.
5.) The Clinton Foundation uses 90% of contributions to SAVE LIVES from illness, starvation and injury. The Opposite of Trump's foundation.
6.) People BELIEVING Trump is proof that our schools were under funded and media propaganda was over funded.
7.) The more these ''republicans'' divide us and curse creation to Hell, the closer we all get to that hell.
8.) 109 Americans murder 109+ Americans every DAY. . Meanwhile, ISIS WISHES they could murder 109 Americans in A YEAR. Our money needs to be spent HERE to SAVE Americans.
9.) Republicans have been lying to divide us for decades. (wmd, abortion, LGBQ, NRA,them,us...) . The democrats have been defending Humanity from the communist republicans.
10.) Trump appoints only other anti-Americans into his dictatorship.
How much more proof do the worshipers of the republican religion need to save themselves from this abused child president.
a christian lying his ass off... jesus will be so proud, Mike Pence
Sam Vue
All those people who works for government and state and County one way or the other day on lie about things in something
Edna Couture
Donald Trump's real last name is Drumpf...The immigration records list his name as Friedr. Trumpf.[17][18][19] The 1910 United States census lists his name as Fred Trump [Friedrich (Drumpf) Trump]. [20] According to the German Gesellschaft für Computergenealogie, Trump's earliest known male ancestor was Johann Paul Trump (1727–1792) in Bobenheim am Berg.[4] The story of an itinerant lawyer Hanns Drumpf presented by Gwenda Blair in her book The Trumps (2000) who settled in Kallstadt in 1608 and whose descendants changed their name from Drumpf to Trump during the Thirty Years' War of the 1600s[21][22] could not be substantiated and is not in accordance with the data provided by the German genealogists.[4]
Journalist Kate Connolly, visiting Kallstadt, found several variations
in spelling of the surname in the village archives (including Drumb,
Tromb, Tromp, Trum, Trumpff, Dromb) but her article does not note
GOP=Corruption Lies Criminals
Traugott Müller
Pence constantly shakes his head while he's telling his lies.
mike boultinghouse
Trump is just a symbol... Symbols, if they disappoint us,. we trade them in for better ones. You whining transnationals aren't going to keep the USA from going nationalist, or fascist as you like to say. That's a given. What you Antifa should worry about is being here when it happens. The Jews had plenty of time to clear out of Germany, and many of the smart ones did--the stubborn and poor ones ignored all the signs and later were cared for by the state. Get out of my country NOW..do your kids a favor. Canada is still accepting Americans. That is lucky for you.
Billy Batson
I'm assuming that everyone's aware Michael Flynn was the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency under Obama for 2 years, and was fired by Trump after just 3 weeks. I would think his real title would be Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.
Right now Mike Pence is crying for Mother( aka his wife). Oh mother what have I done ??!!😱😭
Aaron Fenn
I'll keep saying it over and over again, I had no idea that there were that many stupid ass people in this country until Trump was elected. His administration has been a roller coaster of a shitshow over and over again no matter what the topic.
Justin Case
Walston & Sons Tree Specialists
trump more like dump
Walston & Sons Tree Specialists
trump more like chump
Eric Martel
8:40 😂😂😂
Nick Cordoba Sr.
President Tramp - He instills hate, anger and fear in his campaign speeches... Then he says it's bad to hate...
We have a TrAmp with a capital 'A' for a President. The Tramp said, "Mexico is going to pay for the wall," and now
he's holding us hostage over 3-5 billion dollars for the wall... Why did we vote for him?!? (Buyers Remorse).?
norma armstrong
I thought Pence was religious. True christians shouldn't lie. Hypocrit.!
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The Truth About Donald Trump's Michael Flynn Is Cooperating with 6 months ago   08:23

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