WORLD OF DEATH EP4 - "Marsupials" / "Dead 10 World Record Attempts That 3 months ago   07:54

Bloody Disgusting
WORLD OF DEATH is a compilation of short horror films that will terrorize, astonish, disturb, and excite genre fans across the globe. Two new episodes streaming each week right here!


"Marsupials" directed by Nathan Armstrong

"Dead Crossing" directed by Gigi Saul Guerrero

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Ms.DeViL 2U
Zachary Haith
bravo marsupials bra-vo
Batz GameGuru
wtf did i watch...
Alejandro Lorenzo
probably better than a wall
Felix L Ricardo
lol first one reminded me of early Newgrounds.
lol Ross from game grumps was right about the "drop bears "
Chef The GraGra
marsupials was pretty bad, on certain levels. i want to give constructive criticism, and as an Australian, want to perpetuate the myth of drop bears, but i found the humour fairly terrible. rape is not a subject for comedy.
the animation was crude (like the humour) but thats ok for what it is.
I would like to see a lot more growth when I see Nathans next short.
i thought the 2 of them were good in there own way.but Dead Crossing was awesome.
Nathan Mcgee
The last one was pretty solid.
I'm giving this one more chance before I unsubscribe because Dead Crossing was decent. The one before it was an eyesore.
Jayle Marlocksin
The trailer for this show was a lot more gorey and insane....
this series is not what the trailer advertised ;-;
Nick Manson
This is exactly why trump wants to build that wall
David Samuel Vasquez Ramos
Dead Crossing is good
Chef Tader23
is that normal in australia?
Conk / T.o.R.
loooooooooooooooool the first one was funny ^^
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10 World Record Attempts That WORLD OF DEATH EP4 - "Marsupials" / "Dead 3 months ago   07:02

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