Leisure Suit Larry WDDD: SUPER INTENSE GAME! {20 Kills!} 2 weeks ago   15:20

He's back.
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Man I miss ross
David King
Apparently not Twin Peaks fans...
David King
D4 next?
Darrian Weathington
i dont like the new character design, looks like a knockoff version of a 2006 MaF flash game
Darrian Weathington
oh wow the first leisure suit larry game on game grumps... EVER! no dump British people or anything
Squid SQuiddly
"If you lOok at my good eye it really doesn't have anything to do with my bad eye.." SHS ...cough..
oh look, a new leisure suit larry!
This has been one of my favorite games of the entire year, and as a die hard LSL fan, I'd love to see Dan's reactions to play through all this.
Lizzy Shadows
And now I need to watch twin peaks because apparently I missed out.
I just started supernatural season 2, one fandom at a time people!
Lizzy Shadows
I was drinking something when I hear "I frequently get juiced." Effin Dan 😂.
Dual Persona Madness
Dinky is an official ghost now.
Yusuf Polat
Please keep the game audio a little louder for this series. It's a quiet game anyway.
Evan Goldstein
Pls more
I kinda wish the game volume could be louder. I mean, I know why it's low and why you always try to get subtitles, but I'd like to hear what people say in the game without blasting our boys out the speakers.
Tim Bomb
Sounds like brown bricks
That laboratory is the place you would go when you died in LSL 1, where they would prep a new Larry and raise you back to the surface. There were even other sierra characters in it.
Geraldine P.
Someone please animate Dan's sneaking out story. 😂
MORE LARRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Watching for the third time, or so... hope it continues
Tom Larney
The Time Travel achievement has a picture of the Chron-O-John from DOTT!
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SUPER INTENSE GAME! {20 Kills!} Leisure Suit Larry WDDD: 2 weeks ago   17:37

THANKS FOR WATCHING BOIS! Press the red tiny button pls, 2k SO CLOSE!

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