Leisure Suit Larry WDDD: SUPER INTENSE GAME! {20 Kills!} 6 months ago   15:20

He's back.
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Ryan Moulder
My brain can't handle the cancer that is Ms butterworth
I wish this game was leisure suit larry explores uranus. and then this one comes out. makes more sense.
Gabriel Vikström
Agent Cooper was that happy go lucky main character from Twin peaks, so answer on that was coffee.
Coriander Pyle
They've never seen Twin Peaks?
catherine dowd mellor
shoulda had brian answer the agent cooper question, he's one of the biggest twin peaks fans there is
Watching them play a lesiure suit larry game now at... This time in my life. I realized on of my coworkers is a real lesiure suit Larry. Only not as pretty and a bit of a downer whose catchphrase is rip.
This game has millennial and hipsters this ruins the game such morons
Adam N
This game looks 1,000 times better than the GameCube one...
Carl Lepis
For those who might not know, the voice of Larry is the same guy who voiced 343 Guilty Spark from Halo - Tim Dadabo. Blew my brain out my head when I found out hahaha
sea anemily
I've been listening to music for like 4 plus hours so, it's weird to hear these lovely voices again.
Lixxie Licious
For those who don't know, including Dan and Arin, the first question about Agent Cooper was asking about the crazy FBI Agent who starred in Twin Peaks- he had a love for coffee and some "damn fine cherry pie".
Also, it was the... source of inspiration for Deadly Premonition, and by that, I mean Swery ripped off everything from character names (The Log Lady, Mrs. Weaver was turned into the Teapot Lady, Mrs. Sigorny) to plot points (Weird drugs, the guy who abuses his wife and runs a cafe with said wife, the victim being a beloved teen girl/prom queen from a tiny mountain town who also was into some deep and sexual shit, a weird FBI Agent coming to town and using straight mad tactics to catch a killer( to fucking everything else, very little was original about that game but that's part of what made it so good/bad.
That show was like, from the early 90's and only ran 2 seasons and I have literally only met 1 other person who has seen this show, and that's my grandfather. Which is too bad, because it's a great fucking show that is technically a soap opera, but it's so damn weird and unique and intense and just... batshit crazy. If you saw an episode out of context, you wouldn't like it, but watching it from beguinning to end it amazing.
Kurt Hauswirth
Triggered that y’all don’t know twin peaks
I'm so happy to see this series come back in new form!
Christopher Redding
Lol heart
Man I miss ross
David King
Apparently not Twin Peaks fans...
David King
D4 next?
Darrian Weathington
i dont like the new character design, looks like a knockoff version of a 2006 MaF flash game
Darrian Weathington
oh wow the first leisure suit larry game on game grumps... EVER! no dump British people or anything
Squid SQuiddly
"If you lOok at my good eye it really doesn't have anything to do with my bad eye.." SHS ...cough..
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SUPER INTENSE GAME! {20 Kills!} Leisure Suit Larry WDDD: 6 months ago   17:37

THANKS FOR WATCHING BOIS! Press the red tiny button pls, 2k SO CLOSE!

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