How To Make The Best Sugar Cookies Easy Christmas Snowballs - Pecan 6 months ago   10:18

A guide to making the best sugar cookies:

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Cookie Monster I eat your cookies!!
Me want Cookie Monster cookies.
Sherma Joseph
Chat chat chat chat she is spitting on the food
Hannah m
I guess u could just add the powdered sugar a bit at a time for the icing?
Faiza Kashif
Is there any alternative to cream of tartar??
Aliza .f
Im fasting , now why am I here 😂🤦‍♀️
Armaan Turkabat
when you’re left with a little bit of dough left
normal person: makes a small cookie and sticks it with the others into the oven
me: eats it
Tried to cream my butter and sugar and it did not work. It’s too liquid, what did I do wrong?
Rahima Sufi
Is it important to use cream of tartar?
Connor and Jamal
Damn, how many times can one say “incorporate” in one video?
ember wolfer
Watch this with no vole it’s funny.
Sailor Saya
these cookies are still too soft even after them being in the freezer almost all day! i followed the recipie exactly how it said, i had to add soo much extra flour in order for them to not stick
also the cream and tarter and the almond extra made them taste really weird lmaoo
the baggie ones one gets from walmart work and taste better than these tbh
glenn da
Sorry, White sugar AKA white poison,
Iffy Vids
You do know the icing has raw egg.... 😖😖😣😣
Peary LU
How much merang powder?
Erjon's Life
Where can i buy this cookies?
Janice Li
Egg whites make cookies hard and firm
So if you prefer a fluffy, crispy one, add only egg yolk
Janice Li
You really don't need to melt any sugar in the butter's one of the secrets to make cookies cruchy while baking
pattynanny orange
Can we use vegan ingredients to replace the non vegan ingredients??
Pam S
I made these for the holidays last year and they were not good. Just tasted like flour, had no flavor whatsoever.
Mia Burkholder
why is her voice so soothing?
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Easy Christmas Snowballs - Pecan How To Make The Best Sugar Cookies 6 months ago   06:35


This is the easiest recipe for snowball cookies. No mixer... One bowl... Stupid easy. Anyone can make these holiday favorites.



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