How To Make The Best Sugar Cookies Easy Christmas Snowballs - Pecan 3 months ago   10:18

A guide to making the best sugar cookies:

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Aut M
Finally a fix to the spreading cookies! Tried to make halloween cookies last year and the pumpkin looked like a damn basketball by the time I was done baking.
Mirelle Jacobs
it did not work i got every thing but nope i am really mad i did try again but nope i am not a hater so dont worry
Gavin Glover
There's no other waybto make a butter cookie 🤣
Faris Talal
The background music tho.…..
Abby Folmar
Please don’t waste your time on this recipe. When I first read out how much butter they wanted me to add, I literally gasped. 3 sticks of butter, really? I’m America, and even for me that’s way to much. If you are going to make this, DONT add the cream of tartar. It’s disgusting and way too bitter. I tried this recipe 2 times. The first time, I did every single thing they told me to in the video. Once again, that was a complete fail, because the cream of tartar tasted like ass. I decided that I would try it a second time, but this time I didn’t put it in the fridge, and I also didn’t add the cream of tartar. Still turned out horrible. The “cookie” wasn’t even a cookie, it was just dry, crumbled, dough. It tasted like salt, sugar, and uncooked flour. Not even in a good way, just gross.

If you actually wanna make some good cookies go to the dollar store and buy a bagged Betty Crocker cookie mix. It’s not the most impressive thing, but at least you know it’s going to look and taste good.
J Medina
Dang this is a little complicated compared to just making cookies, you make it way more then it has to be, just roll your cookies, cut them and cook them mannnnnnnnnnn 🤦
Helena Starenby
Shani Evans
I made these cookies and I got like a really buttery mess but I might of did something wrong so I don’t know
Roza emo
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lol it’s allison
too lazy i’ll just buy some from kroger
norah campuzano
I love your recipe this got to be the best. I will came back to let you know how they turn out.
Jenene Martha
Made these bad boys for Christmas, loved them so much and so did everyone I shared them with (which was a lot of people)! Im back and ready to make them again for Valentines day!!! Thank you for the great details and tips on the perfect cookie, best recipe ive used!!
im an atheist and i feel sooo uncomfortable around ‘Christmas’ time 💀
Mrssea Sea
rolling pin measure?
I love your voice so muchhh, it's very satisfying to watch your video, pls do more thx !!!
Sabi Khalid
What if we dont have both egg white and the other thing???
Sabi Khalid
Can we use oil instead of butter?????????
Alyssa's cooking life
Spill the tea Sis
I love suga cookies.(I'm sorry I'll go home)
whoever does this commentary, this is my favourite person from Tasty
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Easy Christmas Snowballs - Pecan How To Make The Best Sugar Cookies 3 months ago   06:35


This is the easiest recipe for snowball cookies. No mixer... One bowl... Stupid easy. Anyone can make these holiday favorites.



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