Poundland Engraving Pen What's Graphene And Why It'll Soon 1 day ago   04:47

Poundland Engraving Pen. I have been having trouble with the new varnish I am using on my painted rocks. It make the ink run on the text. I thought the new pens I have bought had cured the problme as I did a test and it was OK but when I varnished the latest batch the text ran again. I spotted this engraving tool in Poundland and thought I would give it a try. It is not the answer I am looking for but it does work.

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Lynn Hemeon
Much steadier hand than I have
Mr Rishi The Cookie
those engraving pens have been around since like 2009. I remember buying one back then for £2 but it came with more tips.
I feel so old now :(
alarme et bricolage
you have to buy a very powerful Rotary tool 280w on eBay or Amazon
Marcus Shaw
Hi! :-)
When I started volunteering at a local school, I got these engraving pens at Ali
Express for around a dollar each. Unfortunately some work better than others. Bought some random rocks (the bags from gardening supplies) and only few surfaces work. But overall, the kids have a blast engraving 18 cent Ikea glasses, cheap dollar-store spoons or rocks. Unfortunately, not all surfaces work well. Had I known that kids use them so intensively, I would have gotten better ones instead. With allthe batteries and failing units, the corded ones would probably have already payed off :-)
XDeelan Ratsegg
Reminds me of the crayon engraver that Crayola released a few years ago.
Steve Watts
The thing about those engraving tips I've always wondered,.. can I make ball end sockets for my RC stuff? Yeesh, it's on my very long list of experiments to do, lol. Curious what motor's in the engraver... Poundland you say? =D
Doc Ink
I think it works as it is. Theres nothing wrong with your work either especially considering your tools, I used to use my dremel with very fine diamond abrasive nail bits from the beauty supply to engrave pictures on glass and reverse paint.. but still thats a rather impressive tool for a pound and I wouldnt doubt someone saw your video and ran with the idea ..
Erick Konop
Try using colored wax to make the engraving stand out. It's a trick we use to make engraving on antique firearms easier to read. Just put it on over the top of the varnish.
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What's Graphene And Why It'll Soon Poundland Engraving Pen 1 day ago   11:18

What is graphene? What is it used for? The most amazing thing about this semi-metal of the future is the fact that you can produce it yourself in your living room!

What is graphene, and why is it so amazing? One of the things that makes graphene so cool is that it’s the thinnest material you can imagine. It's just one atom thick! This means this material is mathematically 2-dimensional. And you can still hold this single layer of atoms in your hands!
Surprisingly, graphene isn't a unique or rare substance. In fact, it has the same carbon structure as the graphite you use every day when you draw or write with your pencil! But at the same time, in 0.03” of graphite, there are about 3 million graphene layers!

Why graphene is so amazing 1:05
How graphene was discovered 1:48
How expensive graphene is 2:15
What the properties of graphene are 2:41
How graphene can be used 4:50
Can you make graphene at home? 9:59

#graphene #thinnestmaterial #graphenelayers

Music by Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/

- Graphene isn't a unique or rare substance. In fact, it has the same carbon structure as the graphite you use every day when you draw or write with your pencil! But at the same time, in 0.03” of graphite, there are about 3 million graphene layers!
- Dr. Konstantin Novoselov and Professor Andre Geim discovered the wonder-material in 2004 at the University of Manchester. They were examining how efficient graphite is as a transistor. The story goes that graphene appeared thanks to sticky tape!
- Graphene used to be incredibly expensive to manufacture. It cost a whopping $1,100 to produce enough graphene to cover the head of a pin. However, by the end of 2015, you could buy 0.35 oz of graphene for $1,000.
- Graphene is incredibly stretchy. It can stretch as much as 25% of its length! This material is also really stiff. Actually, it’s the hardest material people know about — even harder than diamonds, and that says a lot!
- One more great thing about graphene is its relationship with electricity. This material carries electricity more quickly, more precisely, and more efficiently than any other known material.
- Graphene may be the answer to the water crisis many countries are facing. If we make membranes from graphene, they would be able to let water through while filtering out salt at the same time.
- One layer of graphene is impressive enough. Can you imagine what you could achieve with 2 layers of this super material? Nothing short of incredibly strong body armor.
- If producers start to use graphene in gadget manufacturing, we might end up with smartphones that can be bent in any direction. One of graphene’s main properties is its flexibility.
- Graphene can be used in the beauty industry as well. It will be the perfect alternative to current hair dyes, most of which are still toxic and damaging to hair.
- Well, you can potentially make graphene at home, provided you have enough time and patience to do so.

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