Giant Scalextric Slot Car Racing F1's 2019 rule changes 4 months ago   03:12

Great time again racing with Petter, who brought a few cars from his Slot Car Museum in Oslo, Norway.
We're racing at Bob's track in New York.

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Mark William Darus
Scorpions Rule!!! great vid, thanks for sharing.
GV Games
aka WazzupwitDat
very cool track layout 🤘👍👊
Voodoo Pyro
What race software are are you using? And what are the dimensions of the layout in terms of table size not the actual length of the track. Thanks for the info
Any idea where the track plan for this may be? Great vid!
recarda sanchez
hey you hi
SÓLO 402
No music
Ulrich Roth! 
Wow, who makes four slot track?
Gary Bennett
£35345 lol added some off the, site sed it I likes di asedxv lol hmmmm x
CJ Rocky
cool. shame the cars are stuck to one single path coz you cant cut corners
Andrew Lipman
Tomlin Davis
i used to go on this track or a track exactly like when i went to my scalextic club in birmingham
Tokyo tapes, live in Japan, I do believe.
That must be really costly
Jafo James

Nice track too.
Mrsocket77 if you ever find yourself around metropolitan area in NY/NJ come race in our club!!!!
No mechanical mind needed here, we have kids racing all the time and they love to race and not working on the we always have loaner cars for them. Few of us have that mechanical mind because we love to improve the performance of the car. But what boils down to is having fun!
I've loved scalextric for years and would love to have a permanent layout, money isn't the issue, space is. We had a club local to me (Leicester) but the owners needed the room back layout was located. Real bumer.
Wow that's insane haha I want to get into this stuff, but I don't have the mechanical mind (or money) for the sport XD Oh well. Enjoy the track sir
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F1's 2019 rule changes Giant Scalextric Slot Car Racing 4 months ago   05:45

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