Market Close 6 Jun 18: Strongest economic Economic Update: An Unsustainable System 6 months ago   02:24

The Australian economy has grown by 1% over the March quarter - the fastest pace in six years. The local market rose today, recovering yesterday’s losses as mining & energy stocks improved.

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Economic Update: An Unsustainable System Market Close 6 Jun 18: Strongest economic 6 months ago   28:40

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Economic Update: An Unsustainable System [S7 E20]
THIS WEEK'S TOPICS (w/timestamps):
02:37 - the decline of U.S. cities and the potential of “private cities”;
06:05 - the ever-growing freelancers’ economy;
08:20 - why the U.S. Supreme Court decided to legalize sports betting now;
12:55 - announcements;
14:56 - Fiat-Chrysler & Porsche added to the emissions cheating scandal;
18:31 - the new federal jobs guarantee;
23:03 - a Catholic University attacks the concept of tenure.
28:32 - SPECIAL GUEST: Interview with Chris Hedges on the unsustainable US system.

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