Model Car Racing - Targa Florio MagRacing with 7 cars 5 months ago   02:28

Wes Raynor
Porsche 908/3 demonstrates how to drive MAGracing's new
Targa Florio r/c car racing circuit. Magracing is more realistic and skillful than slot racing and embodies most of the features of full size motor racing. More info see

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Steve Rolfe
can you share your track plan please?
I'd love little bikes and an Isle of Man track!
Andrea Dioguardi
w targa florio
Is this still available? The listed web address doesn't bring up anything
this is amazing!
I think this idea is the most exciting thing to come to model racing.  After cutting up bits of scalextric to make innovative pieces for years, to aid getting a more realistic racing experience, this does the job.  I am converted.
Carlos Roland
Looks like there are basically 2 "lanes", the racing line, and the non-racing line. Your track is more aesthetically pleasing than traditional slot car tracks because it has no slots. But the cars move much too slow to make it interesting. I have looked at more than 20 videos and I think more speed and the ability to drift through a turn would make it interesting. And for my tast I'd prefer the cars to stay in one lane regardless of the racing line instead of having the racing line be the default course. but I might not be correct about how you are doing that. I can, and have, done what you are doing with micro RC cars, but not as well. Your technology is awesome, it's just that the "play value" doesn't come anywhere close to slot racing, be it analog, digital, or even slotless. But I'm excited to see where you are in 5 years:)
THis is brilliant. What we habe dreamed about - in terms of realistic model car racing.
Lennart Aspenryd
Very nice.
I also like the easy Fond and the small forrest!
Wes Raynor
Not too sure of your problem. If you would like to e-mail me
direct I will try to help. My e-mail is on the Magracing website.
Wes Raynor
Cimiento sandokan

Hello, please how I can correct the rotation curves of the cars, because I can not take it straight without crashing, thanks a greeting.
CIRCUITO-MINI RC-RACE. This is the title of the youtube link circuit with cars, with which I have the problem of direction.
Esque not put it directly from youtube.
Scott Raynor
Great concept.
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MagRacing with 7 cars Model Car Racing - Targa Florio 5 months ago   02:21

This is the first time we've had more than 3 cars running. Everyone is still driving them like slot cars, I think after a while we'll settle down a bit and see better driving.
Too much fun, though.