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New Horizons is the first mission to the Kuiper Belt, a gigantic zone of icy bodies and mysterious small objects orbiting beyond Neptune. This region also is known as the “third” zone of our solar system, beyond the inner rocky planets and outer gas giants. Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) in Maryland, designed, built and operates the New Horizons spacecraft, and manages the mission for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington. The Year of Pluto - NASA New Horizons is a one hour documentary which takes on the hard science and gives us answers to how the mission came about and why it matters. Interviews with Dr. James Green, John Spencer, Fran Bagenal, Mark Showalter and others share how New Horizons will answer many questions. New Horizons is part of the New Frontiers Program, managed by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

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MrHayven Games
I wish there would have been more about the findings of Pluto and photos kinda dissappointed.
Andres van den Hoef
Anyone know the name of the backing track?
Rhiannon Williams
I'm an unashamed Mike Brown fangirl, I blame him for inspiring me to go to the UK Centre for Planetary Science this year! 2015 has been a year in space like no other in my lifetime
If you attempt to Navigate a Space Vehicle like this one to fly at precise speeds and VERY precise trajectories to use the associated G forces provided by Jupiter and THEN to actually rendezvous with Pluto so precisely is a "Math Problem" that no one man could possibly do.  It must have taken a Team of PhD's with Mathematics and Physics' Degrees just to do the Navigation alone.  I honestly think that the Navigation was harder than designing and building the actual Craft.  Mankind is truly amazing!  99.99% of Men and Women couldn't even comprehend the Mathematics of such a precise Navigational Problem.  Imagine if YOUR Math Professor assigned you a weekend homework problem to send a craft to one of the Moons of Saturn!  Incredible Mathematics and mind numbing to the average Human...
Being an American "child of the 50's" I think I was born at the perfect time!  Sputnik went up the month before I was born and I followed the Astronauts and their Missions throughout Childhood, culminating with the Moon Landings when I was 12.  Now I've worked for an Aerospace plant for 35+ years and our Company has had parts on ALL space missions from Mercury Program through every Shuttle Mission.  As for Space Exploration I may have been born at the best times we may ever see, even if we go "Inter-Stellar" after I'm gone.  I hope to live long enough for us to fully explore the Oort Cloud which will be terrific compared to Pluto "being the edge of the Solar System" when I was born.  Thanks to NASA and ALL Nations with Space Programs!!
who ever edited the audio needs to lay off the stock music next time. this is borderline unwatchable.
Johnisaiah Liwanagan
Pls NASA... Why don't you just invent or build a Spaceship. That can transport human to see the Pluto up close.
Nope - I tried to watch this, but couldn't. An amazing experience to watch shattered by noise. Very disheartened.
James Mackenzie
not even going to ask what the thumbs down are for. Well, alright then. what are they for? Not happy because there are no google pluto phots at ground level?
Miranda Shirkey
My great Grand sons also growing up in Kansas will now grow up in a world where this knowledge wil be commonly available hopefully for them to study and perhaps build on.
Ilya Elis
161 aliens now!
Why Ann
The name Makemake is actually related to the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island, not Hawaii.
Dave S
full credit to Mars though for trying to steal the 2015 limelight
preczion MD
Congratulations to this team. What an incredible accomplishment!
another important step on the way to meet with evil aliens? lol
Amazing! !!
Tuan Hoang Nguyen
im a English learner and i'm interested in Astronomy documentaries that NASA had published.Can NASA add some subtitles,Plz
chok liveman
the distant pluto
Zlobla the Egg Exploder
July 14th 2015! Clyde Tombaugh's ashes in the Plutonian atmosphere!
But I wish they could have applied some aerobraking, or maybe gravity assist, so the flyby was on July 13th! LMAO
My birthday!! LOL
Thank you NASA and New Horizons team! Excellent job! Well performed (Y) :D
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Michio Kaku - Juno Mission The Year of Pluto - New Horizons Documentary 6 months ago   1:31:01

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