How Bama Fans Watched The 2019 Hear what Nick Saban, 2 months ago   07:53

Two dynasties collide as Alabama and Clemson battle it out for the national title in the 4th installment of this rivalry

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redhead gaming
Auburn has always been the best one in the iron bowl
Nate Harris
Christopher Maze
Sorry as f*** is what this was.
David LeCroy
I find it funny how at the end you put up all the scores of the seasons games with OTHER teams. Those scores didn’t help none in that last game against Clemson did it? All year everyone was talked about how Lawrence wasn’t ready. Well I guess he was ready and then some. So was the rest of the team on both sides of the ball. Even our third string was about to score on them right there at the end before they let up. Then in the post game press conference Tua says, “it wasn’t anything Clemson was doing to stop us”. Really? Cause it sure looked like to me. But it was easier for me to see straight since I wasn’t getting sacked repeatedly by Clemson’s D-line. 😂😂😂😂
FullMetal Bernie
I sat and ate popcorn the last half of that game and watched rome burn
Ablack Attack
Brother were you in Atlanta yesterday for the iron game?
Faruq Amichuchi
U forgot to apologize to Cirdel when y’all beat them 50-17
As a Clemson fan I watch these videos every year. Win or lose always funny. You and Conrad Thompson are my favorite Bama fans.
Nelson Garcia
Next season will come. Your videos will triumph, but Bama won’t
See you in Houston!! Roll Tide Roll!
That was hilarious! This was my first visit to your channel. Thank you FunnyMaine for putting out this content.
Wallace McClure
I luv funymaine
David Condrey
Too bad you're not coming to Upstate South Carolina on that Tour! Love ta C U there!!!
a k
i want one of those
81Clemson Tiger16
Hey buddy, you'll get us next year! Maybe... Go Tigers!
Southern Momma
Lol #RollTide 🐘
jprnc 1976
Bama got they ass stomped.
As much as I hate Bama, I love this guy!!! Clemson is not scared.
Thanks Clemson- Georgia fan
Halo Halo
Havent heard from none of bama fans sence the game... but they blew up my phone b4 game
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Hear what Nick Saban, How Bama Fans Watched The 2019 2 months ago   18:54

Alabama head coach Nick Saban, QB Tua Tagovailoa, and DB Xavier McKinney address the media following the Tide's devastating loss to Clemson in the 2019 CFP National Championship.