How Bama Fans Watched The 2019 Hear what Nick Saban, 5 months ago   07:53

Two dynasties collide as Alabama and Clemson battle it out for the national title in the 4th installment of this rivalry

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Preston Thornton
Bama dynasty is over! Clemson Dynasty is more legitimate! #WarEagle
Gabriel Turbeville
I got a feeling you'll have a new contender come December and it won't be Georgia
david mcdougald
This Cat is wayyy tooo funny........Go Tigers!
2019 Season all Clemson - Ohio State...
Cameron Miller
U going to that anime expo in H ville
Marshelle Woodland
Monkey D. Luffy
How the rest of college football world watched the 2018 national championship: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! *CRYING FROM LAUGHTER*
Deborah Adams
Love the video and I got an early birthday present when yall lost this year.
Hey bama, keep ya head up...SO U CAN SEE THAT SCORE! 44-16 ROAR TIGERS ROAR
Leslie Chandler
You had ‘em rolling on the floor tonight in Charlotte! All jokes aside, we enjoyed our evening but I know you’re gonna remember that show! I’m grateful for your faith and was very impressed that you offered a prayer right there on stage! Thank you for being the example you are and bringing out Bama nation together. May God continue to bless you and ROLL TIDE.
KingNate_69 HH
I think he forgot his sister tho....
Heather Roll
I don't like bama but I like maine
One of these days we'll be back in front of you. One of these days. SEC don't sleep on my Gators
Jessie Scott
Hi hi ! hi ! It is what it is yes ! Yes ! 🐅🐅 love your video ! Take a deep breath , it will be alright . LoL ! LoL
SHocK Clemson
Go tigers.🐅 No.1
katie bulger
Hahahahahhahhahaha boo bama
Clay Geiger
You bama fans got a wake up call and saw how it feels to be demolished for once
SlycDragon PS4
Right here is a true Bama fan
Jim Bell
You are FUNNY AS HELL BROTHER, and don't take that the wrong way coming from a White Guy, LOL. I am 50 and from Pensacola, FL, went to Elementary and Middle school with Emitt Smith. Since I am from Florida, I am a FLORIDA STATE FAN. Now I know You was Routing for us when we came back and Beat Auburn. BTW that one Clemson TD looked a whole lot like the Kelvin Ben-Jamin TD against Auburn. I told my Co-Workers, actually Texted them before the game the SCORE was gonna be CLEMSON 34, BAMA 17, got the proof if ya wanna text me. However, Since I am a Florida State Fan and have Been since my Junior year in High School in 1986, my first game, I cannot obviously Talk any TRASH about anyone. But, Bama will be back and so will FSU, You a FUNNY MAN>>>
redhead gaming
Auburn has always been the best one in the iron bowl
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Hear what Nick Saban, How Bama Fans Watched The 2019 5 months ago   18:54

Alabama head coach Nick Saban, QB Tua Tagovailoa, and DB Xavier McKinney address the media following the Tide's devastating loss to Clemson in the 2019 CFP National Championship.