How Bama Fans Watched The 2019 Hear what Nick Saban, 2 weeks ago   07:53

Two dynasties collide as Alabama and Clemson battle it out for the national title in the 4th installment of this rivalry

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Mitch Evans
You are a good man. Classy. From a Clemson fan. Looking forward to the rivalry.
Brian Russell
I still can't watch it
Nice how you got that band from S. Carolina playing Sweet Home Alabama.
john cornwell
Now Bama knows what ND and OSU felt
daniel bryan fans are all super gay faggots
Thoughts on nick saban staff constant turnovers ??
Do a tribute to Jalen! GO ON, Funny Maine! 😉. Jalen will always be our own.. Roll Tide!
Now OU fans now sayin “Go’on Jalen!!” 🤣BOOMER!!
Ken Summerlin
Steroid Bowl
Funny thing is my family were not this calm about this they were jumping up and down mad cussing 😂😂😂
Kevin G
So my question is since y’all lost did y’all go kill anything of Clemson’s? I know y’all have made every excuse in the book as why y’all lost.
Tammy James
Roll Tide! Next year!
Dave Blakeney
Hilarious😂😂😂😂,,, it is what it is😄😄
Lorenzo Bautista
Go jalen hurts
dee cee
Funny, PLEASE do a video about the latest developments....GO ON, JALEN.
Billy Sloan
This game truly hurt to watch especially around of people who were going for Clemson
Sgt Fumbles II
I love how your sign changed from y'all don't want us, to, just kidding lol. 😂 Roll Tide tho. 15-0 coming next season with a veteran Tua and lil bro Taulia to back him up.
Angela McMillion
🥺August is a LLOONNGG ways away 🤦#ROLLTIDE
Christopher Jones
Alabama was cocke
Bob Jones
Lol. Best one was the phone call to Auburn.
Eddie Kane
Scooter does it best bro hate though.
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Hear what Nick Saban, How Bama Fans Watched The 2019 2 weeks ago   18:54

Alabama head coach Nick Saban, QB Tua Tagovailoa, and DB Xavier McKinney address the media following the Tide's devastating loss to Clemson in the 2019 CFP National Championship.