SpaceX Starship - #dearMoon in KSP/Realism KSP: Building a base inside 2 months ago   04:22

About #dearMoon: In September of this year, Elon announced the plan to send tourists around the moon on a free return trajectory with the SpaceX BFR rocket. Also he presented the new BFR design you see in this video. Two months later it was renamed to Starship (the spaceship) and Super Heavy (the booster).

Merry christmas! I know, it's been a few months since the last video but I was pretty busy with uni and I honestly was about to do a BFR Mars mission when #dearMoon was announced. I really wanted to get this video out now before the design changes again...

Massive thanks to Damon and JadeOfMaar for the awesome Tundra Exploration mod. Check it out if you want to play around with the new Starship yourself.

- Realism Overhaul + all recommended mods
- Real Solar System + RSSVE
- Tundra Exploration
- custom RO configs for Tundra Exploration BFR (
- kOS
- KS3P (post processing mod for nice visuals)
- B9 Aerospace (for the launch tower)

The booster landing as well as the Starship reentry and landing are real and work in-game (only exception is the Starship reentry, where I needed to enable Infinite fuel to control the ship with RCS since the actuated fins don't work well enough for that). This is possible with the mod kOS that lets you write scripts for your rockets. You can download the scripts used in this video here:
WARNING: The download is meant for people who know kOS and want to take a look at how this was done, DO NOT try to just copy the scripts, they will NOT WORK on your rocket unless you understand the scripts and make your rocket compatible with them. (Also the code for reentry and landing of Starship is really not beautiful, I just needed it to work for this video :) )

Heaven and Hell by Jeremy Blake

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TuanVN 2007
BFR ???
Jon Baszkiewicz
Excellent music and transitions.
What PC and specs do you use? Also what version of KSP is this
Thomas Reitsma
Loved everything about this except for the moon graphics. But man the ship looks perfect even though it appears to be stainless steel irl now, looking at the “star hopper”. If you do decide to make a “chrome” version so to speak I would try to get better moon images I think someting like this, make it into a slide and it would look much better with the awesome ship

(Btw I subscribed, keep em coming I love it)
mitch kittens
Bet you're pissed we just found out it only has three boosters, oopsie 😂
Cassandra Saturn
Nobody commented.. Lol the mirror finish is based on Star Wars's N-1 starfighter.
Bob Duhig
This was just Epic .
Christopher Cannon
Looks like were missing functions.ks in the scripts link above, any chance of getting that? It is being called in ship_main however I do not see any other references for the file in tracing the rest of the script files. Is it required?
Nigel Cardozo
Nice how did you switch vessels so quickly?
Infinite Monkey
How did you build the launch tower? I see no connections to the vessel...
Tundra Cinematics
Unbelievable! Thank you so much for using Tundra Exploration! Your recent videos are really on point and I cannot appreciate the look of it enough. Keep it up!
Music. And respect for. Making BFS test flight
I love the transition from the booster on the ground to the starship in orbit; perfect! Great work.
Lawrence Bradshaw
just need to re-do it with the stainless steel starship now haha.
btw i loved the video that is another level of ksp.
Craft file? please. I will subscribe to you after you do this.
Uhh?? Why did you do some extreme maneuvres? *The passengers should be ill if you do that.*
Gonzo Drummer
Jeb:Other Kerbals Listen Up Bob Was My Assistant As Astronauts So I Introduce My Assistant Bob
Bob:Hey Everyone!
Jeb:We Were Supposed To Land At The Other Launchpad (The Landing Pad) To Sucsess But.....We F***Landed On Top On The VAB Marcus House Said “Landing On The VAB In RO Thumbs UP Dude” So That Realy Happend On The Video Before This Happened
Bob:Yeah That Was The Video “SpaceX BFR Mun Landing in Realisim Overhaul”
Gonzo Drummer
Jeb:I Should Tell My Friends That Marcus House Said Thumbs Up To Nessus
Bob:Me Too!
Gonzo Drummer
Jeb:KSC We Have Landed!
Bob:Jeb Where Did We Land?
Jeb:On The VAB
Bob:Wait Its Not On The Launchpad
Jeb:Oops Sorry Bob
Okay, now make it stainless steel
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KSP: Building a base inside SpaceX Starship - #dearMoon in KSP/Realism 2 months ago   16:45

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