Live Stream 2: Philippines Travel Life Changing NORTH PHILIPPINES 1 day ago   2:22:36

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Interview with Scott Lisenbury sharing travel stories & Philippines. Live stream 2, 19-December-2018. Topics:
Catriona Gray Miss Universe Philippines from Cairns Queensland Australia.
Joe Rogan Experience, David Goggins, Dr Jordan Peterson.
Top 5 places in Philippines.
Scams & crazy experiences.
Vape quit smoking.

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Rene Sarabia
Lol I missed you B Adventures!
leslie stonebank
Hi am in red planet makati now I arrived last night here until Friday then off to Davao hitting the bars tonight .
B Adventures please come back to the Philippines to show new locations and hotels to stay in. I always copy your trips!
you finally started streaming about travels bout time mate!
Angelo Da conceicao
Scott in the West coast me to Dark at 400 pm winter time now .
leslie stonebank
Hi 👋 I miss your live stream but am coming to makiti in two weeks and going to book clipper hotel 🏨 see your blogs. ✅.
Glenn Wheeler
I never got the notification for your live stream until it was all over. lol
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Life Changing NORTH PHILIPPINES Live Stream 2: Philippines Travel 1 day ago   21:29

Today we experienced that it really is more fun in the Philippines. We traveled up to Sta Juliana to spend the Night at Alvin & Annas Bognot Tour Company that would take us up Mt. Pinatubo the next day.FOLLOW OUR ADVENTURE 👉:

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