Critiquing the WORST COLLEGE FOOTBALL Macaulay Culkin: The Rise And Fall 2 weeks ago   13:09

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Ah College football. The NFL’s minor league. And for the majority of student athletes that will not be playing at the next level, they can take with them the memories of playing in wonderful, pro level stadiums.

Well, not if they played for any of the teams on this list. Today we’re going to look at the top 15 WORST college football stadiums.


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Nah Rice University, Vanderbilt, Alamodome, Harvard, & even Lindenwood's are nice. You're right about the rest though.
The Alamodome looks good
james k
Can’t believe you guys didn’t put in OSU horseshoe! That place is a Sh** hole! They call it the horseshoe because it smells like manure! Cmon guys, get it together. OSU= shithole!
Gojira Beaver
It’s a shame because a lot of these stadiums look generally look good from the air.
Max Wasserman
Harvard stadium looks like a penis
Officer Frameup
How did KU's Memorial Stadium fail to make this list? I was shocked to learn it's only 97 years old, it doesn't look a day under 300. Charging a mere $25000 tuition for the last 15 years and can't afford a new stadium. Let's do the math on that: $25000 x 20,000 students x 15 years = $7.5 billion. How would they ever squirrel away ~$200 million for a new stadium...? These nonprofit schools are strapped, I tell you, strapped. Please give.
mike arnold
Surprised Oregon State isn't on the list, what a shit hole that place is
The irony of calling the Alamodome a “bus depot” is that, in fact, it has a bus depot on the grounds and was originally owned by VIA, San Antonio’s bus system.
TheReal OrangeKid
I live in Kent, and I absolutely agree it is a pretty trash stadium😂#3-11
Harvard isn’t in Boston it’s in Cambridge get your facts right
Rook Yokune-Ayuzawa
The Kibble (Kibbie) Dome legit looks like a fucking greenhouse.
1:30 is where the video starts and the blatant stupid ad ends

also don't bother to watch
he doesn't say anything that comes close to a critique of anything, it's just insulting everything.
ciritcism involves telling why things are bad, and how you might improve them.

this is bullshit
I can't believe you left off War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock. It's hosted some great games in the past, but now it's old, falling apart, and generally an awful experience. For some inexplicable reason, the Hogs actually choose to split games between that dump and one of D1's nicest stadiums in Fayetteville.
Walt Gekko
Some people might not remember Harvard Stadium was one of several homes to the then-Boston Patriots before Schaffer (later Sullivan and then Foxboro Stadium) opened in 1971 and the team became the New England Patriots. The Yale Bowl was actually home to the New York Giants for most of the 1973 season (Giants did play their first two home games in Yankee Stadium before it was closed for a complete rebuild in September 1973) and all of the 1974 season. The now-Tennessee Titans (in their last season as the Oilers) played one season in Vanderbilt Stadium in 1998 before what is now Nissan Stadium opened in Nashville.

Yale Bowl and Harvard Stadium are among the only remaining stadiums with no lights for night games.
Get the fuck out of here with this shit
Simson Garcia
I remember playing as Oregon at Idaho Vandals many years ago in NCAA Football 06 the video game (classic). I thought I accidentally hit practice mode, I could not believe that was their stadium. 😂. I just had to kill them after that point.
Andrew Rizzitano
Who else looked up “goatse”? I regretted it immediately.
Check out the stadium forStephen F Austin football, it’s small as heck
Whoa dude Harvard's stadium is dope. Yale too although some of the jokes were nice
San Jose State cefcu stadium
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Macaulay Culkin: The Rise And Fall Critiquing the WORST COLLEGE FOOTBALL 2 weeks ago   20:20

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Ahh, the holiday season. We put up our decorations, shop the latest deals, and invite extended family members over for huge feasts. For many of us these traditions also include a lot of classic holiday films. Often topping the list: Home Alone and it’s sequel Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. While watching the antics of little Kevin McCallister year after year, people may wonder about the star -- Macaulay Culkin. In the 90’s, he was arguably one of the biggest child stars and actors in general -- but what happened? We’ll tell you and the next time you sit down to watch Home Alone, you’ll know about the rise and fall of Macaulay Culkin and how the child star went from marquee films to reclusive life of riches without the fame attached to it.

A quick glance at Macaulay Culkin’s IMDB page showcases a lot of movies in very little time. The 1990s was packed with films, television shows, and guest appearances on various programs. Culkin was in his pre-teens and working more than most adults. Then after 1994 suddenly it all ended. Nine years without a big screen credit and our vision of Macaulay Culkin was left with the roles he played as a child star. So happened? How did Macaulay Culkin go from multiple big screen projects in 1994 to disappearing from Hollywood for nearly a decade? Did he follow the path as so many other child stars -- getting older and losing out on roles? Well, not quite -- and like many things in Hollywood, the story of Macaulay Culkin is not so simple.

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