Strawberry in New Growing System - Growing Agriculture Equipment Strawberry Processing 2 days ago   10:13

ISRAEL Agriculture Technology
Strawberries in Portugal in New Growing System - Hydroponic System. The Future Of Agriculture - Amazing Agriculture Technology - Strawberry

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İbrahim Can Özcan
helal olsun İsrailliler güzel iş yapmışsınız.
Sujit Pattnaik
What is the total cost of this whole setup ? I want to do this , please help ☺️
hossein Naji
Like from IRAN
DJScratkherzOriginal No.925
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What would be the cost for 5 decares land
Brasil Brasil
Alok Pradhan
I am also pure organic strawberry farmers.
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trick the nature, hi on profit, but unhealthy and not delicious product !!! I trust organic and natural only !!
Hamza Akman
Gayet güzel ve iyi bir proje, başarılarınızın devamını dilerim.
meow meow
Where is Palestine chanters
Le Hung
Beautiful farm!
yoshiyuki saitou
素晴らしい 苺の空中庭園ですね
Sairam Sairamracherla
I need job sir
ميزر جواد
إسرائيل العظمى فعلا
le hai
I want to contact you
Cường Bùi Mạnh
I want to contact you
Sugar Sheila
Brilliant farming techniques created and used in Israel! It's like an oasis in the middle of nothing. It does make you wonder why others in the area are not doing the same to produce food as well? Is it because of money? Or is it something more? Very impressive!
Ahad Uzzaman
Very Nice and Excellent Agriculture-product system.
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Agriculture Equipment Strawberry Processing Strawberry in New Growing System - Growing 2 days ago   10:53

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The National Strawberry Sustainability Initiative (NSSI) is a grants program administered by the Center for Agricultural and Rural Sustainability (CARS) at University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, and made possible by a gift from the Walmart Foundation. The intent of this program is to improve the sustainability of the national strawberry industry through a multidisciplinary approach that features outreach, education, demonstration, and development projects. We have awarded grants to land-grant and state-supported universities that are implementing projects to encourage sustainability at all levels of the national strawberry industry, from production through the supply chain to the consumer level.
National Strawberry Sustainability Initiative

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