red sea part 2 aqaba jordan scuba dive 2 months ago   06:47

uw video of red sea, dugong, sharks ,napoleon

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Derpa San
Любовь Иноземцева
totally amazed
@kingofdarkness312 pipefish, not sure which exact species
Xavier Rathgeb
Greats videos. Check mine, you will surely like.
Where did you dive? What kind of camera/light? Great stuff!
the music, the!!!!
Adam Childs
It still freaks me out how much weird stuff is in the sea. Never the less it's stunning but scary. x
Arlene de matos
Amazing video, some fish are like a monster, scary.
Bravissimo ...che telecamera e custodia hai usato?
That color-changing octopus looked incredibly cool.
said elrebey
God bless . good work and fantastic video
Sonja Miklus
zaista neverovatno! da neveruješ šta srbenda napravi! predivno! svaka čast!
Awesome, too bad we are killing the seas with our oil nowadays =(=(
Barbara Stefano
Very good video, the scene of the Napoleon fish with the octopus is very interesting. How nice the Dugongo!
trev Last
Two well made videos well done, post some more please
Amr Mahmoud
i am egyptian
sukanya mckeen
Thanks I watch it so many time and I like the music too. I dived in the red sea one befor it is very beautiful.I wish I can go back and do it again one day.
Borussia Dortmund
and he learnd all this from a german instructor--greetings nestor from marc
sukanya mckeen
Awesome I love your vedio and music ,my favorite of all I had seen so far .
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aqaba jordan scuba dive red sea part 2 2 months ago   01:13

promotional video made by philippe madeira