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younger days
this ranking was pretty difficult to make, I based it off chart performance, youtube views, how well the song is remembered to this day and simply how good songs are quality-wise. I tried to include as many genres and artists as I could. I know there are many songs that are missing, but I can only fit 100 songs in a top 100.


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Janicassia Dias
Britney Spears maravilhosa
Eleazar A A Illarramendi
Whitney in the spot were she deserve the number 1
Luis Rodriguez Mejia
En las canciones hasta 1995 todabia había esencia de los 80's...
pure music ...
Pozio 71
Where is Queen?
The show must go on should be on top 10!
Mattia Belizzi
This makes me cry how shit has changed, genuinely believe the world ended after 2000. Now people have phones,shitty music. Hell one day people will marry their phones. Glad I don't have social media besides YouTube to listen to old songs.
who is rmb - Redemption
Gamesgamer024 The gamer
What’s funny is hearing these songs 20 years later it’s so funny same can be said about this channel only true fans will know this it used to be called bamboo entertainment

Remember this comment
Boom boom boom🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
Ivan F
I don't know who are those people who listen the modern "music". I think today it's enough to turn on the chainsaw and a microphone, and that's it - song is ready...
Ivan F
Next time I'll cry (((
Katharina Altmeyer
I think "the show must go on" is a good song from the 90s too
How dare you add Barbie girl at 6th place, it doesnt even deserve to make it into 500th spot.
Simeón lopez castro
Gracias a Dios, naci en 1990
I am a Micheal fan
Micheal Jackson 😭😭😭😭😭❤️
Gadjo X
Wait, there's no Meatloaf in this or I missed it?
the hype
Nicht schlecht die Musikauswahl! ;-))) ...Aber ein wenig U2 (Achtung Baby!) würde dem ganzen die
Krone aufsetzen!!! ;-))) Schöne Grüße aus Hamburg!!
palkia444 Ac444
Rip Michael Jackson
Stra Nger
Honestly Mariah had like 11 number ones during this decade and One sweet day is the song of the decade with 16 weeks in number one something no other song until this very day has achieved and also fantasy had 14 weeks in number one and is nowhere in this list and so many other of her songs!
Naser Aslani
Fuck i feel old while listening to this. Good old times with even better music. Long live the 90s!
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