Some of my other charity shop Charity Shop Gold or Garbage? 5 months ago   06:48

Some of my other charity shop find helicopters Part 2. Going through some of my old charity shop finds because I was trying to find a matching transmitter for my latest Silverlit helicopter.

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Aaron R/C
They sell a very similar one in b&m bargains for £25 it uses infrared signal which sucks but flys pretty good inside, nice video man you find some good stuff in charity shops! 👍
Peter Fitzwell
An easy way I've found to keep track of the screws is to push them into a piece of cardboard (like you would a thumb tack/push pin) in separate groups according to size and write below them, with a marker, where they go. Hope that helps😊👍🏼
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Charity Shop Gold or Garbage? Some of my other charity shop 5 months ago   12:04

Nothing yesterday and then two RC toy cars today. That's how it goes when trawling Charity Shops.

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