Watch Theresa May face an interrogation Does the EU Really Need the UK? - Brexit 7 months ago   1:38:41

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She has to read her script to find the right line from the civil service to answer with, it's why they are all repeated so often!
She's a liar!
Select committee:- "I told MP's that they should vote for my deal or there will be no Brexit at all - I said that to them because there are some MP's who don't wish to leave the EU at all", eh! That's double Dutch! In other words she's telling people who want to stay in the EU if you don't vote for my (staying in the EU) deal, then there will be no Brexit at all. She's really not right!
D Doc
She’s on playback mode again.
Remember that old classic, “Brexit means,Brexit?
Ignorant, slimy,Tory cunt
Sun Tzu
In no way am I a Labour supporter but by golly Yvette Cooper knows precisely how to handle this less than trustworthy PM
john neale
Pointless exercise as she answers all the questions with the same few lines she should be forced to answer honestly
May has made agreements with the EU that the UK will not lower corporation tax and entice the job creating corporations from Europe and wider. Clearly in lowering corporation tax, the millions of well paid jobs, with the payroll tax that comes with it, will decimate the EU, and they know it.

No deal, lower the corporation tax rate, and watch the EU cry like a baby.
S Hussein
That tory toff in the purple tie. He has a masters degree in ass licking!
Andrew UK
They all put the boot in and it was a joy to watch. Can't wait to see her face them again once the deal is voted down
Jayesh Suthar
Simply no confidence in TM responses
Theresa May doesn't want Brexit, she is attempting to sabotage it hence the wish list not a deal and hence no leave date, she has simply put into place a smear that she can scupper Brexit and blame Brexiteers, leaving her falsely guilt free. Cunning woman, don't trust her!
There are two types of people, those who totally believe her lies, who totally believe project fear 3, and there are sensible people who see through it all.
It's simply a delay and the main parts are on a wish list not on the legal part and it allows the EU to stop us from leaving whilst totally humiliating and punishing us and May thinks that's a good deal. Who is she kidding? She must no longer PM, her farce of a premiership has gone on too long.
Paul Badman
I'm sorry I can't watch this in 3FPS.
I'm saving for a house so the delaying of Brexit is good for me, If we could drop the Brexit bomb around Jul-ish so the housing prices fall around then I'll be sound thanks Mrs May and then If you could step down and let Mogg take over that would be grand
"We negotiated a good deal for Britain" what a total lie this is delaying Brexit she hasn't negotiated any deal. Liar!
Lets be frank, May does not have a Brexit deal. She has a Brexit wish list the EU has rejected, yet she lives in hope and is willing to gamble 39Bn of hard working families taxes to return to the table and argue for something better.

Given she failed after two years, we should not be handing her the cash to gamble on something that has very low odds of making a return.
Just more NEFARIOUS treachery if this traitorous bitch gave the full legal implication of her Brexit deal the House of Commons would reject it , by not giving legal access JUST WHAT IS THIS BITCH HIDING ? IS IT JUST MORE TREASON ? YOU BET IT IS.?
NASA's insight probe has successfully landed on Mars and done its first series of tests and analysis.The first results sent back have confirmed that Theresa May's BREXIT deal is shit…
John Adams
No deal is the best deal and the one 17.4 million people voted for, failure to deliver will bring french like protest on the streets of every city and highway in the country. Taxation without representation is a recipe for revolution.
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Does the EU Really Need the UK? - Brexit Watch Theresa May face an interrogation 7 months ago   13:30

When scrolling through comments you often see people say "they need us more than we need them". So we have tried to respond to that once and for all. We look at if the EU relies on the UK for trade, how the EU budget will cope without the UK and if the EU needs the UK as a security ally.

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