Sail and Dive with Red Sea Explorers Diving Sudan 1 day ago   01:04

Red Sea Explorers
Combining two of the finest water activities, this trip is ideal for those who appreciate the Red Sea both above and underwater. World-renowned for its dive sites, the Red Sea is also a remarkable sailing destination with pristine weather, calm waters and beautiful islands to visit.

This sail and dive flotilla is composed of sailboats for accommodation and sailing pleasure, and the support of a small safari boat for diving operations.

Our chef will prepare all the delicious meals and our skippers will teach you how to sail from one dive site to the next.

With up to four available sailboats, and the small safari boat the trip can be made to accommodate small private groups of 12 people or bigger groups of up to 24.

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Diving Sudan Sail and Dive with Red Sea Explorers 1 day ago   04:25

This video was made during a live aboard in the Red Sea of Sudan with Red Sea Explorers.

During the nine days of diving we visited the following dive site's:

- Shaab Ambar
- Protector Reef
- Karam Masamirit
- Ed Domesh
- Habili gab Miyum 1
- Dahrat Abid
- Habili gab Miyum 2
- Dahrat Qab
- Tamarsha
- Pinnacolo
- Shaab Jumna
- Saganeb
- Shaab Rumi
- Umbria

We made 25 dives, 21 with sharks & 13 with hammerhead sharks en 2 Wreck dives.