Hermit Crab vs. Conch | World's Defense In The Sea | JONATHAN BIRD'S BLUE 5 months ago   03:01

Nat Geo WILD
The 11-pound horse conch might seem invincible against most threats. But the tables are turned a bit when hermit crabs stage an invasion of the dinner-snatchers.
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Hermit Crab vs. Conch | World's Deadliest

Nat Geo Wild

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I wanna be like that crab. He saw an opportunity and snatched it...
i was focusing on drawing and listening to this in the background and let me just say... that first sentence threw me off very much
The tables have turned for snails
Lord Germ
They really let homie die 😪
Eira Argaia
star stable fan
wow escargoon got big
Joye Swinderman
Supposed to be researching history, distracted by fighting hermit crabs...
Ju Manggu
Hermit crabs are like people who are professional squatters, landgrabbers.
Brianna Nelson
Wayyy I never see a snail jump so 😂😂😂
963 Productions
The housing market is really aggressive
Taurus Capricorn
1:41 its free real estate
Taurus Capricorn
All Hail The Giant Conch Shell! Can I get Something to eat?
Henry Johnson
My conk also has a taste for snails.
Magic Yeti
John Bradford
I wonder how many people heard "it's like a tiny shuttle trying to outrun a Star Destroyer" and wondered "what the f&%$k " does that mean?" Star Wars references must be part of lexicon now
Deepika Murali
N i wonder how beautifully they shoot this...🙀🙀🙀👏👏👏👏👏
Имя Фамилия
взял и спиздил жилплощадь
mr crab : fight moneyyy
Kali power
My friend was watching this in class at full volume and the only thing I thought a heard from this video was the beginning because I thought he said "horsecock" hahahaha
dead snail:
hermit crabs: it's free real estate
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Defense In The Sea | JONATHAN BIRD'S BLUE Hermit Crab vs. Conch | World's 5 months ago   10:53

In this webisode, Jonathan explores how animals in the ocean defend themselves using venom, spines, teeth, speed, maneuverability, ink and even a squirt gun!

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This segment is an HD re-release of a previously released episode.