BL 2.4Ghz RC Helicopter 9004G PART ¡Primera review!/Ninco air pocket 5 months ago   07:32

BL 2.4Ghz RC Helicopter 9004G PART 16 out of retirement. I had retired/rested/given up with this helicopter as it seems to want to fly with the wind rather than into it, whatever I try. Today there seemed to be no wind until I decided to fly and even then it was very gentle but it still took the helicopter with it. In PART 17 I use it as a hedge trimmer in my garden.

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MC's Creations
That's a really nice helicopter, Grandad. Too bad it's flying that way. 😕
The dead cat is a big help. On the chopper - others have made more suggestions than I can offer. My only experience with copters is limited to RealFlight 7.5
Based on what you're having to deal with I'd say you're doing good flights. I noticed you kept your head on when the chopper was headed for the weeds and you put it down before it got in there.
Good luck with the fix.
RC Dre
good flight buddy your doing really well there mine keep spinning round and round haha
I'd agree...should be a 7mm coreless or similar, with a gear. Could always try a non reversible prop too, just for forward. I see David Lewis thought similar.
Other than that, it goes quite well for a Syma S031 type :)
Does it have any trim tabs on the Tx? I'm sure you would have thought of that if it did, but I'm saying that because someone gave me a cheap 3-channel Syma heli a few years back because they said they crashed it all the time and the only way I could get that to fly forward at any rate was with full forward trim. Then I hurriedly gave it back! 🤣
david lewis
Grandad, I had the same problem with a co-ax heli almost identical to the one you have Before you swap out the tail rotor motor for one with more power try swapping out the tail rotor blade for a larger one. You can change the blade completely or if you can't get an exact match just get one as close to the same shape and glue it right on top of the stock blade without removing it. It worked for me. Don't expect a dramatic change but it worked enough to get forward flight in mild breeze. P.S. You must nip off the screw mount before you glue the new blade on top of the stock blade. Hope that helps !! If you go with a motor with more power , keep in mind the increased power draw away from the main motor.
RC With Popeye
1ST COMMENT. was waiting for so long to comment first.
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¡Primera review!/Ninco air pocket BL 2.4Ghz RC Helicopter 9004G PART 5 months ago   14:29

Hola a todos esta es mi primera review espero que os guste y aquí os dejo el enlace al drone sin cámara, con cámara, y un drone barato que he encontrado para que los que queráis empecéis: