The History of Zoids Toy Line (1982-1999) よみがえる ゾイド ZOIDS カノントータス Cannon 3 months ago   08:40

Mangus Wilson

The Zoids toy line was created by TAKARA TOMY in 1983 and considered by many (myself included) to be one of the greatest toy lines to have ever existed..

Please comment below if i have missed anything or get something wrong...

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Tambay Suhvahai
3:02. Is that the mythical red Ultrasaurus that everybody only imagined to have existed!? OH MY LORD!!!
Wow! Some things here I'd long forgotten about. I definitely remember those 1986 Robo Strux toys as Zoids. Tank looks familiar too. Definitely had Slither and I think my stepbrother had Badox. Also later I remember a bear fighter and hellcat and Sabre Tiger.
Wow... this video is 2 years old. I really wanted another video! Will it be coming?
Itachi Uchiha
Profitable Holiday Homes
Great video! I have a bunch of the OER’s with many in pieces. I’ve tried to put them back together but I am struggling. Does anyone know if there are instruction manuals for the OER’s online?
dvore may
I started with the new gen in 2000
I had Zoids back in the day, like Redwing, Zoidzilla, Ultrasaurus, as well as the Gorilla, Stegosaur and Triceratops ones, though I don't recall their names at the time. I know depending on the time and region the names differ.
Allen Brylle Corpuz
zoid zilla = gojulas
Angie Natoyn
Zoids toys were the BOMB!
Alex Rodriguez
Takara and Tomy did not merge until 2006. Tomy conceived of and manufactured the original zoids toys, but they contracted the design work out to Takara's in house design team as Tomy often did with their most successful releases. Tomy had previously seen success producing educational toys, but Zoids was their first entry into the hi tech sci fi/military genre. As for Takara's influence, Takara was licensed to make star wars toys for the Japanese market in the late '70s (such as a transforming x-wing, wind up walking r2d2, and a missile firing die cast c3p0) and the tiny gold chrome pilots in the Zoids cockpits where a leftover mold from Takara's x-wing fighter. Hence the x-wing pilot details on the Zoids pilot; you can see the horizontally ribbed flight vest and the control panel in the center of the chest if you look closely.
ORA cockpits look like those in Multimac toys :D
Ian Booth
Fantastic. I had Red Horn the Terrible back in the 80s and tons of comics possibly still in my mums attic. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend!
Garland Rice
I got the Zoidzilla for Christmas. I still have it.
there was no takara tomy back in the day it was just only tomy
Ta-ka-ra. Not Takiara
martin detour
badox gordox included in 1999 and all the first releases are in 1999 zoids chaotic century other appear in the new century
I was too young to have seen the toys in the 80s and was introduced to the toyline in the early 2000s by the anime.
The T-Rex one at about 0:27 is what Trypticon should have looked like. I could easily see a lot of Zoids having either robot or base modes. Especially the dinosaur based ones like the oh-so-lovely King Gojulas, which is CLEARLY based on "you know who."
Jesus Ali
I've always had a mysterious memory of a toy I loved that was wind up. It just might be the ZOIDS spider. But I remember it was some type of "Hopper" machine and I always remembered it having a clear plastic dome on top. The legs went in and out, not side to side like an insect crawling. I think it was from TOMY, but I also remember strings possibly involved, like the toy would drive along suspended strings. ...but I might be conflating memories of the Wizzer gyroscopic ball tops. Any idea what the Hopper toy could be, if not ZOIDS? I was born in early 1978, so would have been 5 in 1983.
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よみがえる ゾイド ZOIDS カノントータス Cannon The History of Zoids Toy Line (1982-1999) 3 months ago   02:48

こんにちわ、ようへいDXです。ようやくこの時が来ました小型ゾイドでは一番のお気に入り カノントータス(USA Ver.) 2001年当時お値段税別600円です。組んで良し、遊んで良し、動かして良し、素晴らしい一品です。
とにもかくにもパイロットが、金メッキでないと、辛抱たまらん!という方は第一次世代と思われます(ちなみにゾイドに対するボルテージの次元が変わってきます、そりゃあ もうクリアパーツのフードから覗く金のパイロットの輝きたるや・・・なんて、書いてると知らない世代にドン引きされるのでこのくらいにしておいて・・・金メッキのパイロットは付属しておりませんので、あしからず)

ZOIDS Cannon Tortoise.Hasbro.
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