The History of Zoids Toy Line (1982-1999) [TMT][713] ZW01 Wild Liger! 3 months ago   08:40

Mangus Wilson

The Zoids toy line was created by TAKARA TOMY in 1983 and considered by many (myself included) to be one of the greatest toy lines to have ever existed..

Please comment below if i have missed anything or get something wrong...

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I miss this show and these toys in the US
Oh the memories. No one loved Zoids as much as me. I had all the first wave OAR ones and eventually Zoidzilla and maybe a couple of the other biggies. None of the kids I knew were very bothered about them, people were still mostly into Action Man or Action Force and Star Wars figures, and then Games Workshop took over everything at our school when we were around the age of 10 or 11. I remember having a blue brontosaurus type one which was cool. They were decent toys considering the standards of the time. I liked the little pilot dudes and their cockpits. But they weren't as good as they could have been. Generally I would play games where they got broken down or damaged in a war and needed fixing, so taking them apart and... putting them back together. Big whoop, I guess. I really wanted them to be able to fight each other somehow, rather than just by smooshing them against each other with my hands. You could race the wind up ones but that was about it. More for looking at than playing with, ultimately, and they still do look pretty cool.
There was a re-release of Zoids here in the U.S. from 94 to 96 under the name Techozoids and were released by Kenner. I used to have the Iron Kong.
They had very different names in the UK, and I remember collecting the Marvel comics.
Omg I still have 3 of the original 5! And Badox! Well, parts of them at least. :( Cheers, mate!
I just stumbled on your channel @Mangus Wilson, and I have a short anecdote to tell. Back in the late 80's I formed a Zoids club here in the UK, and wrote off to Tomy to ask permission to use the name. They responded well with tips on how to grow the platform and eventually sending me a package of a re-fuelling station. Consisting of platforms (re-coloured Scavenger plates), girders and small droids to pump the fuel (orange stationary men), they asked me to critique their newest idea. I replied. noting the fragility of the components but a good idea all-round if they could strengthen those spindly supports.

As is the nature of childish things, I put it away when I discovered girls and nothing more was said about it. The club drifted away, but I still have a fondness for Zoids - even though I haven't purchased any in 30 years. A wonderful piece of nostalgia dude. Thank you for this video.
Uncle Jamie
I appreciate the efforts you've gone to to make this video, but your mispronunciations of "Takara" and "Tomy" are so distracting that I had to stop watching and write this comment.
Matt Leuty
Mate, I bloody loved these things​! Your video has brought back so many memories and I saw so many of the Zoids that I used to have. I definitely owned the snail one amongst many others. I also remember that the little men pilot's could also fit into the cab's and cockpits of the Transformers line. Thanks for the nostalgia trip.
zoids was my childhood toys back in early 2000s and growing up with them is just so memorable!
Don't forget that weird-ass "Penn Plax" floating aquarium aerator that ripped off Zoids parts heavily. X D
Joe The Juggalo
I remember having some of these way back. Makes me want to find some
Tambay Suhvahai
3:02. Is that the mythical red Ultrasaurus that everybody only imagined to have existed!? OH MY LORD!!!
Wow! Some things here I'd long forgotten about. I definitely remember those 1986 Robo Strux toys as Zoids. Tank looks familiar too. Definitely had Slither and I think my stepbrother had Badox. Also later I remember a bear fighter and hellcat and Sabre Tiger.
Wow... this video is 2 years old. I really wanted another video! Will it be coming?
Itachi Uchiha
Profitable Holiday Homes
Great video! I have a bunch of the OER’s with many in pieces. I’ve tried to put them back together but I am struggling. Does anyone know if there are instruction manuals for the OER’s online?
dvore may
I started with the new gen in 2000
I had Zoids back in the day, like Redwing, Zoidzilla, Ultrasaurus, as well as the Gorilla, Stegosaur and Triceratops ones, though I don't recall their names at the time. I know depending on the time and region the names differ.
Allen Brylle Corpuz
zoid zilla = gojulas
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[TMT][713] ZW01 Wild Liger! The History of Zoids Toy Line (1982-1999) 3 months ago   06:47

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