Watch Trump's attorney general Redacted Mueller Report Released 1 day ago   22:26

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Meme Mine
Trump is a Russian spy? Seriously? :) Trump's Approval Numbers:
-No more race riots
-statue removals
-ANTIFA riots
-school walkouts
-Black Lives Matter Thuggery
-Campus anti-free speech riots
-Occupy is extinct now
-MILLIONS of Trump haters no longer marching in the streets
-road blockades by Trump haters.
-PoorMeToo marches
But Trump is a Russian spy? Too too funny!!!!!!!!
extra solar
as the polluted corrupt dishonest dnc 'leadership' and their ford flopped snl skit madonna (not too late for an avenatti election ticket !) momentum attempt to further mismanage their revoked control freak calculations into a respected consensus (of clinton catastrophe crew crap), america will further confront and process the criminal cowardice of lying leaking anti american 'service' to satisfactory context of consequence, as requested.
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Redacted Mueller Report Released Watch Trump's attorney general 1 day ago   03:50

AG Barr's redacted Mueller report has been released to the public and delivered to Congress.
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Redacted Mueller Report Released | MSNBC