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In 1981, Prince Charles and Lady Diana announced their engagement after meeting some four years prior. Even at that time, the red flags were becoming obvious. Still, Charles and Diana went through with their wedding — and what a wedding that was. Two children and 15 years later, the royal couple ultimately decided to part ways, and officially divorced in 1996. Just one year after they split, Princess Diana was killed in a tragic car accident. The secrets about her marriage to Charles, however, were not laid to rest with her. Here's a look at what the world never knew about Diana and Charles' marriage...

Worth a thousand words | 0:32
That balcony kiss | 1:09
True love? | 1:42
"Odd" relations | 2:20
Not-so-secret affairs | 2:54
Dark times | 3:36
Fears of sabotage | 4:14
The Queen's final say | 4:51

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hind Alfalahi
I always hated him unlike his wife diana parents or kids he has no charm or any thing to like about him such an ugky cheater
Sammie Leigh Styer
Not only was she incredibly beautiful but she was kind, graceful and REAL! mabey thats why Charles went back to his decrepit looking ex, Diana didnt hide the insecurities and pain she felt during & after their marriage, where as Charles was such a one dimensional creature that mabey he resented her for how free and generous she was with herself with the world. No matter the idiotic reason Charles told himself at night when he continuously cheated on her with that odious woman he called his ex, Princess Diana to this day is STILL more important to the people, even those who were born after she died, then Charles has ever or will eved be....*facepalm* what a freaking idiot he was
Arna G. Smith
One thing I know from experience: their mothers know they are messed up .. .
Arna G. Smith
Parker "Balls"
Arna G. Smith
I will never forgive him for what he did to her.
Why out of all pepole she has to die except camillea i hate her why charles has to pick camillea exept diana thats why the queen never gives the throne to chales and i think queen elizabeth will give the throne to william
Anna Miranda
Charles is such a baboon, quite honestly princess 👸 Diana would’ve been a great queen. But she deserved a tall dark and handsome man by her side. Not an ugly looking pittyful man.
Sure the world knew....
She was too beautiful for him
Mad Drivers101
Diana had one job. to have a son. shameful
Elton Laleham
At the time of diana and Charles's wedding I was 12 and I thought how pretty Diana was and I just said to myself I would loved to be Diana and be a princess my hair was as light as Diana,s and someone said to me I looke dliked Diana and I said that is lovely and I wish I was as pretty as Diana
Patricia Helm
A ghastly robotic commentary...
shalom ulep
He never deserved Princess Diana
Sw eet
They had her killed. That's it. Was planned from the beginning. She wasa teenager when she began "dating" Charles. She crazy and talked to the press...a no-no for Royals. She aired all of their dirty laundry, threatening the entire monarchy, which is not simply symbolic as in many countries, but is very wealthy and powerful in England. She was a liability and they ensured the divorce first, to punish Charles for this screw-up, so he could not be king. What a bunch of crazies the royals are. Not sure why the British people still allow these inbreds to keep stealing from them.
Sondra Allen
It was a marriage of convenience he married a young woman to get a Heir and a spare let's be real now she was young and naive but he was a old season serial cheater maybe if they explained it to her she wouldn't have been expecting so much in a hard would have been crushed but normal women go through that every day sadness and heartbreak is no respecter of person
Marion Ault
I think that marriage was doomed from the start because Charles really never loved Diana like he loved Camilla. Camilla was the third person in the marriage and she got in the way. Because Charles allowed her to.
Diana was a convenience for Charles.
I am unhappy about that women called camilla this is not fair can some body pass my messege to her tell her to hid herself we love diana she is too young to dide she is still new in our mind and now this not fair
Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor
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The Untold Truth About All Lovers What The World Never Knew 1 day ago   07:51

The real story of Princess Diana and her lovers. Who were the men The Princess of Wales was in love with?
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Find out about Lady Diana and her significant others in our video. The whole world witnessed Prince Charles and Diana wedding ceremony. But what happened to the marriage of Diana Princess of Wales and Charles.

1. Barry Mannakee and Diana became the matter of rumors in the Buckingham Palace. Barry Mannakee was the bodyguard of Lady Di and became her support. Find out what was between Barry Mannakee Princess Diana. - 0:24
2. James Hewitt was the first lover the Princess had spoken publicly about. We will tell you more James Hewitt and Princess Diana relationship. - 2:18
3. Was James Gilbey Diana lover? Find out how close were James Gilbey and Diana. Some James Gilbey Lady Di affair details may surprise. The unexpected facts about James Gilbey Lady Diana relationship here. James Gilbey secrets revealed. - 3:55
4. Hasnat Khan insisted on keep the relationship in secret. Why did Hasnat Khan and Diana break up? And how did Hasnat Khan and Princess Diana met in the first place? Find out these intriguing details about Hasnat Khan Diana affair in the video. - 5:05
5. Dodi Al Fayed was Diana’s last lover. What happened to Dodi and Diana? - 6:14

Find out more about the royal family with us!
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