What is a 'no deal' Brexit? And what Inside Brexit: How Britain lost 1 day ago   03:30

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Tuesday, January 15 - essentially spells D-day for British Prime Minister Theresa May as MPs take their seats in the House of Commons to deliver their verdict on her government's Brexit deal.

After days of debate, they will vote on both the withdrawal agreement, a legally-binding, nearly 600 page document that sets out how the UK leaves the European Union, and the future political framework — a set of ambitions for a European Union (EU)-UK trade deal.

Adding pressure to the mix, it follows a week of Brexit defeats for May after MPs voted last Wednesday in favour of a limited period to present next steps on Brexit if the current deal is rebuffed.

Had the vote on May's deal taken place when it was originally planned back in December, the government would have 21 days to return to the Commons to set out what it plans to do next, in the event of a deal rejection.

But now, May would be given just three days to present a Brexit plan B.

What are the possible outcomes of the vote?

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Zashare Campbell
Brexit is a lie and a cover up for the fall of the money system? if you are a job seeker with your eyes wide open you will see what I am saying, when you apply for jobs the company may ask you to a interview and later on say your application has not been successful and they will hold your details for when a vacancy arise or they will tell you send your cv and when something comes up they will call you company’s are instructed by HM revenue and customers to advertise jobs which are not true so there is no panic in the street the fact of the matter is there is no money in the economy for business to hire people???. The money system is going down and it’s nothing to do with brexit???.
Barry Stubbs
A no deal Brexit will be heaven and hell
Heaven for the u.k. Hell for the e.u.
Gee Tee
So, all the cons are that a sovereign country would have to decide its laws, budget, borders and trade relations.

Lady on google
WE ALREADY LEFT ON 29TH MARCH AT 11PM, NO DEAL BY DEFAULT. See the court case Robin Tilbrook has in the process, that the government has put a MEDIA BLOCK on. A 137 word document says that is the date we left, by law. Jacob Rees Mogg also stated it a few months ago when the PM was talking of an extension.
Lady on google
Why would there be a shock. They've had 3 years to prepare for a NO DEAL. Everyone in the world knows about Brexit, so it's a load of rubbish. The EU and UK would have to agree on how easy or hard they want all this to be post Brexit. It's all an attempt to scare everyone who hasn't worked out this is a pure con to try to stop it.
Michael Richardson
Rahima Begum
So will the prices of goods increase
And these people do not recognize the referendum in the Crimea? (and these people forbid to rub in a nose?)))))
No One
arron moroney
We never asked to join in the first place. The government just joined and then voted to see if we wanted to stay.
Mike Swift
If a deal is to be made, remove France from the negotiations, they are still upset about been rescued twice from the Germans by the UK, and seriously angry that we defeated then during the 100 years war, Trafalgar, Waterloo, the peninsular wars, shall I go on? The list of French defeats to the English is long, and Brexit will be another British success, bring it on. No deal and let’s crack on.
Do not feel obligated to the British enterprise. The British plundered and murdered nearly a quarter of the world for their own profit, let's not pass it off as the age of enlightenment.
Stoicho entertainments
British people are showing striking intelligence here, proving their deep political knowledge but eventually making me feel like Hitler would not forestland a chance against Nigel garage and that little guard of him forming innately.
Maverick Gunner
Not over night .
54 months
This is the governments fault
No deal has to happen as the government are incompetent
And needs a massive shake up
Bill McQ
Let us just leave, freshen the countries resolve to stop mindless immigration and give our Brit battlers a go...not a thing will change if we don’t.
jay cam
Nikki Jackson
The EU is horrible, rather be poor than a slave to the E.U.
myownname myownlastname
why the camera guy moves so much?
Limei Feng
Can’t you get Medicine from China? We will ship Medicine to UK immediately after Brexit! As quick as we will!
Let me just preface this question by saying I'm from the US and have only been paying attention to Brexit intermittently. Why not just have a vote in parliament to confirm there will be no deal with the EU, and go with the original date? Would that vote also go sideways like the last one? If it did, what is the next likely step? Just pushing the date back? Wouldn't the EU also have to agree to kicking the date down the road? Are both sides motivated enough to make that happen? The only consensus inside Britain seems to be that the deal negotiated is bad, that a lot of time has been wasted, and no one can be certain how this will play out. But at least your government hasn't shut down ... yet. 😅
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Inside Brexit: How Britain lost What is a 'no deal' Brexit? And what 1 day ago   16:49

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