Elon Musk and Gayle King Why Does SpaceX's New Dragon 2 Have 3 months ago   07:33

CBS This Morning
From electric cars to spacecraft, tech titan Elon Musk is widely known as an industry disrupter. Tuesday night in Los Angeles, Musk unveiled the very first tunnel in what he hopes will become a network of underground highways. The test tunnel runs between the headquarters of Musk's SpaceX company and a parking lot behind a shuttered business a little over a mile away. "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King takes a ride through the new tunnel and talks to Musk about what inspired him to build it.

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Dylan Mooney
Harriet Tubman approves
iam niclikescake
let elon be the ruler of the world
this seems like a ploy to get people to buy tesla's, still love it though
"When musk took me for a ride the other day, it was an eye opening experience" what's this the love tunnel?
I approve and it is an awesome idea
lmao no flying cars ever pls
Father Time
To many fools on the roads will F this up!
hola amigos
"Go dig a hole.!"
I'm dead
Hot Frass Music
No people can finally not live in city where they work
Tunnels are now UNDERGROUND?! Has science gone too far...?!
Justin Akwetey
Make a tunnel to connect the continents. Planes keep dropping like flies
vishal kale
elon musk very very great and better than bill geats,jeff bezos,mukesh ambani,and mark zukarbarg
vishal kale
elon musk sir i want to work your compny elon musk brain is nombar 1 brain in this woald
vishal kale
elon musk is great man i love elon musk elon musk is god of erth i love and i like elon musk i want to speck and meet to you elon sir i want to work your compny am a big fan elon musk
Joe Fray
did he consider potential risks due to earthquakes? California is always in risk of earthquakes....
FreedomNine 19
No one appreciating that guy with the huge afro?
Zeek M
I can't let Elon distract me with domestic bliss.
Elon is the next president of the United States if he can defeat Ivanka in a battle of messianic wit.
I'm coaching you Elon, embrace Yeshua and I will vote you.
Messianic persons can explain to you why I post 4 lines.
Have Halkow
Meet Steve Davis, the perfect worker at SpaceX that fully fits Musk's harsh requirements, this is kind from the book about Musk
Elon musk is really a time traveler from the future!
La. Jessiboo.
It bothered me when she held his hand and arm for so long cuz I’m in love with him. Lol
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Why Does SpaceX's New Dragon 2 Have Elon Musk and Gayle King 3 months ago   12:43

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