Eugene Volunteers At The Trevor Project We Tried Styling Shoulder Pads 6 months ago   12:30

The Try Guys
Eugene volunteers at The Trevor Project, the world's largest suicide prevention organization for LGBTQ youth, and explores the training process it takes to become a lifeline counselor. Visit The Trevor Project at

If you or anyone you know needs to talk to someone, call The Trevor Project at 1-866-488-7386 or text “START” to 678 678, or chat with them online at

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Emma Pile
the ending i cried :,)
Eve Evans
Now this is cool. Possibly one of my fav episodes.
It would be also cool to do a follow up vid or check in with them every one in awhile.
daniel whyte
is it available in the uk????
How I wish my country had something like this.....
Lila Baxter
Honestly seeing Eugene, who is normally so closed off, talk, and get emotional, about his own experience with growing up and not being able to talk to someone when he really needed to hit home so much. I’ve been so lucky to have excepting parents but I still can’t talk to them about everything. I’ve always had a lot of respect for Eugene but now more than ever, I can relate to him. Love you Eugene
Professor Rosenstock
When I was a teen one of my fears my friends killing themselves. Even stopped buy sharpeners so that they could not cut with the blades. This fear is not as strong but still exists.
KYU Riann
Gosh the Eugene is making me cry!!😥
Wole pyro
I cry when Eugene cries
Vanessa Dixon
This video warmed my heart 💜
Cassandra Finley
Did you see the tears on Eugene's face? God, I just wanna hug him bit ... he doesn't like that
Lemon Essence
Holy shit he almost cried. Poor little Eugene!
Tess Golds
Eugene: *Gets too emotional* ah F**k
Tess Golds
"It's really important that you listen to the person that is talking to you-"

Eugene: *Not listening and petting dog*
Lana Egg
I could really relate to what was said in the training call. I like to dress differently and others make fun of me at school. I did have suicidal thoughts and I got death threats. I did even try once, since then I promised myself never to do that again. I do have friends but they don't know how to help. I feel lost, I have body issues. I finally started loving who I was after multiple years of bullying. And then they ruined it all. I feel broken. I don't know what to do. I live in a different country where they don't have such a life line.
Sunshine Grace Arquintillo
I love Eugene most of all. 😍🌈
Grace Hutchinson
This is very important. As a straight girl I can’t say much about the LGBTQ community but I know some about it from my friends. This organisation shouldn’t have to have been created as we are all equal whether u are straight, bi, gay, transgender etc but in this world we are not. This is a great organisation that I’m glad the LGBTQ community can reach out to. Kudos to the try guys for making this video and making the Trevor project more known x
i love you eugene you're amazing
Ruby Round
Im not gay or anything but...when I started school they already started bullying me they beat me up and said 'go die!' I tried suicideing but... My bffs helped me up so...please dont try to die or cut yourself like i did god loves you and god put you on earth for a reason
Vony Rakoto
is it really insightful to meddle in underage folks' business like this ? Like you're not gonna raise them or anything.
Fishcakes the Umbrella
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We Tried Styling Shoulder Pads Eugene Volunteers At The Trevor Project 6 months ago   06:44

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