Thousands Of Camouflaged Men, Armed Armed citizens patrol the Arizona-Mexico 3 months ago   19:56

Jonathan Bourdon
A new released video shows men on horseback wearing camouflage crossing the border from Mexico to the U.S. The MSM ignores this video while they continue to smear President Trump claiming he calls all Mexicans criminals.

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I saw video from 2011 on Chilin ranch. Where is the footage mentioned in the video?
Kevin Wright
And I have some swamp land for sale for you guys in Quatamala
This is a Military Invasion of the USA by an apparently Armed, Equipped, and Camo'ed foreign Army. This is WAR! The "Socialist" Anti-Christ RatFoux are DESPERATE now it seems.I guess those Indictments I keep reading about real. This is why you Keep Your Guns.
This would have never been possible if not for MASSIVE failure of US law enforcement. Unbelievable...
Where is US Army??? Vacation?
Chas Peking
Don't be an idiot. Read ex-Vatican cardinal pen named 'Avro Manhattan' in his 1987 book, free on Facebook, called 'The Vatican, Moscow, Washington Alliance'. Manhattan quit the Vatican after becoming disillusioned over immoral plotting against the U.S.. This massive drug and hordes of ignorant and naive immigrants was included as part of the plotting going back over 100 years. Buy a copy off Amazon or Ebay for a few dollars. Many footnotes and documents. The British Empire freemasons and Vatican jesuits are waging war against the U.S.. They contribute nothing to anybody.Bring the troops home from war for the British Empire. PBS was bought out by the Rockefellers late 1980s, and went to hell. AJ, A+++
Thomas Truther
Were they trying to say thousands poured over in one day? It would make more sense if they said over the course of a year several months thousands of come through but I only saw about a dozen man. It seems a little sensationalised. Even if they only had 250 horses that would be like a major undertaking
Daniel Griffin
Arizona pima county needs more check points on the roads and more ice please to keep this evil out
Daniel Griffin
Arixona needs more military and border patrol on the border in pima county and sarounding area's drugs and illegals pure evil to be distributed all over the United States drugs may kill someone in your family
Jubilee Productions
less fuck em up
franz Robochicken
Hey appreciate this video. Alex Jones is on the money 💰 TRUMP BUILD THE WALL!
Thank you for sharing this. Keep up the good work.
Grigori Rasputin
We need to shut down google, facebook, twitter, instagram..., all of them
Shut down all the leftists propaganda networks

This *will* all come down to a literal, and physical war.
Grigori Rasputin
This is true. This is actually happening.
This is why the left/dems have banned Alex Jones. They do not like the truth being shown, because it makes people realize the truth.

And to all the assholes who voted for, support, and argue for legalizing pot for recreational use..., keep denying that pot is still (as always) linked to many violent crimes and deaths (murder).
Keep spewing your lies of "pot hurts no one"
The only reason any "adult" pushes for and votes for recreational use of pot to be legal..., are scumbags, and have the mental level of a 14 yo.
These are the losers who never matured past a teen in jr high school.
It does not matter if they have a job, have a home, or that they are business owners, etc... But that is the sort of BS they use to prove they're "adults"

I've known plenty of people who have jobs, have a home, own a business..., who are still losers, and scumbags..., so those factors mean nothing.
And the US is full of these losers/scumbags.

And legalizing pot for recreational use..., will *not* slow down or stop cartels moving it..., it will escalate it.
The US is full of a lot of absolute scumbags/losers..., those who are and have been part of the "Who are *you* to judge *me* ??!!" movement.
They do not like to be judged, they want morals and standards to be lowered, so that life is easier on them.

And I, have been telling people for years..., that the democratic organized crime syndicate, has ties to cartels, street gangs (such as ms13), etc..., why do people think they are protective of them?
democrats, are the source behind drugs and guns coming into, and going out of the country.
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Armed citizens patrol the Arizona-Mexico Thousands Of Camouflaged Men, Armed 3 months ago   08:35

President Donald Trump recently signed an executive order to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border as the first step to fulfill a campaign promise. Saying the U.S. government has failed to secure it, a group of armed citizens are patrolling a nearly 400-mile stretch of desert land that separates Arizona from Mexico. NewsHour Special Correspondent Nick Schifrin reports.