Phone Water Cooling is REAL! Turning SCRAP Electronics into 1 week ago   14:47

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Should YOU try water cooling your phone? Why would anyone even want to do this? Let's find out...

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Tejaswin Jain
Water cooling my smart watch
Wow you wasted cash
Pro Tip: Don't game on a phone
sergio martinez
Just use the phone under the water
Johnny Fire
total useless like your crap mind
Sankalp Bansal
Linus gone bigger
Ambujalapu narasimharao
I made a phone cooler with the size of phone protection case when i was studying class 9, that is in 2018. And myself Manikanta
Houtin Yeung
3:08 There are certainly things I could think of to do with the zip ties
3:18 I'm just not sure what their intention was exactly
Anostar putra
the best channel on youtube!
Guest Who
They are wasting a valuable metal to manufacture this crap? Pff
Do it again with the heat-pipes and heat-sinks from AliExpress. I want to get some for use with the Google Daydream View, where my Pixel phones overheats all the time.
it works even under water!
januardi jsi
abdou manich
please open it soon cause i think its servo motor who do that
at least they read that nordvpn (the most sold vpn yet the less secure about privacy because they can really capture whatever you see outside of https) is related to an ad company called trendnet ?
No cause
What about Make a cover with this system copar coil is attached in the cover and a box with all the radiator and water cooling system 🧐I am sure you can do it 😀
tututvai0011 tututvai0011
Buy a water proof phone than play inside a swimming pool under the water
Injustice on Mobile I’m looking at you
Reza Gamer1900
how many is
Hein S
well lets compare it with a fan blasting at the back of the phone
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Turning SCRAP Electronics into Phone Water Cooling is REAL! 1 week ago   05:32