Blind Man's Bluff - History Sink the Bismarck - 1960. Enhanced 5 months ago   1:51:10

Lonnie Hewitt
A history of American submarine espionage during the Cold War. Produced by Will Lyman and Sherry Sontag, this unique documentary is the video counterpart to the book Blind Man's Bluff: The.

The undersea world is an unseen battleground. Join Dr. Robert Ballard as he reveals how technology, commerce and conflict have shaped 150 years of endless struggle for supremacy of the seas.

Cold War Submarines include submarines and other submersibles designed, built, or operated during the Cold War era (approximately 1945 to 1990). Thanks for watching Please Like, Share, Comment.

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Alvin Weller
A very good show was broadcast on nova on pbs
John B
This doc is only an hour long, it just repeats. It's worth watching but the upload was messed up.
Dan Paul
32:10 "Snow Goose" = The Spruce Goose
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Sink the Bismarck - 1960. Enhanced Blind Man's Bluff - History 5 months ago   1:52:15

I have taken this film, Sink the Bismarck - 1960 and cleaned up the audio and video as best I can. Enjoy other enhanced and improved films on my channel.