Robocalls: Last Week Tonight Fake Melania, Tim Apple & Trump’s 2 months ago   17:46

Robocalls are a growing problem. If only we could make the FCC care a little bit more about fixing it.

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Jason Pilot
anyone know if his audience is a real audience?
Don't answer a call unless you're sure who's calling. If you answer a robocall, it's a "hit" and you can expect more calls. I swipe to voice and wait to see if the caller leaves a message. I'm pretty sure scammers use the "Do Not Call List" for numbers to call because they know enforcement is impotent. I think lonely people like robocalls, can we agree on that? If Dish Network got fined millions, where's my check? Seriously, now we need a "Do Not Mail List." If the USPO did not deliver junk mail, they would be out of business.
ILikeHyphens -Please
Airplane mode saves your phone and your sanity.
Javier M
why the robot couldn´t say "I´m not a robot" ???
*John Oliver aka NPC King*
Damn I thought this was a skit where the squirrel in a suit that used to be funny would not be the puppet that bagged on one of or the best Presidents Of The USA. Not so lucky i find out. Just 100% puppet of the monopoly owned MSM to take down the Constitutional Republic USA ! Sad and pathetic ! Makes me want to hunt squirrels and send them to him. I need to find out when squirrels are in season and hope I get some that carry bubonic plague I heard and read about. After I find out how to not get it collecting and mailing them in case one has it. What's worse that robocalls ?
The Squirrel puppet skid mark in Americas shorts and the like.
PS Those that agree with be refrain from contact or being to close to him in case I get one with that infection I do not know how to verify so ???
Javier Avendaño
John Oliver is not the hero the FCC wants, but the hero the FCC needs
mountain boy
13:09 might be the best reaction of all time. If there could be a gif with sound, i hope this could be one of them
Mike Price
... People actually answer their phones when it's not from a number they know? The only time I even pick up is from numbers I know, and that's because I know if they are calling me it's important otherwise they would text. If a company needs to contact me they can email or send me a letter and I'll call them back when I have time.
I don't care who you are or why you're calling, if you use a robot to call me it had better be R2-D2 or I am hanging up.
Raymond Nonya
when I talk to the IRS or credit card people I ask them if they have running water and took a shower :-)
Logikael Impakt Senzory Overload
I'm amazed that "T2T" isn't more popular. I've been using "Text 2 Talk" as a basis for establishing legitimacy since 2008.. I find it to be the laziest if not the most effective of countermeasures.
Sooo given that Some More News covered this in December and this take on it was very similar with some of the same sources, I wonder how many people watch the YouTube channel Some More News.
Enlil The Prince
John Oliver is my new superhero lol
Jose Sanchez
Privacy Valued
348 W 57th Street #301, New York, NY 10019.
Joslyn Mott
I love messing with scam callers. Let me rephrase that: I love saying things like "I hope your children die of cholera in your arms, which considering that you live in India is a legitimate threat, and the last thing they say before they float off into the eather are 'daddy, I don't love you.'" Or, "mommy, I don't love you," I don't want to sound sexist. I have a few others in my arsenal that are so Hiroshima-level devastating I can't say them here. I love making scammers cry. So far, I'm up to four people crying. What can I say, I enjoy messing with scammers because my life is pathetic and making some poor sap on the other side of the world who lives in abject poverty cry gets me sexually aroused.

Also, fuck Ashit Pie.
Anyone here after the FCC gave mobile carriers a sleuth of ways to manage robocalls?
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Fake Melania, Tim Apple & Trump’s Robocalls: Last Week Tonight 2 months ago   11:48