Robocalls: Last Week Tonight Fake Melania, Tim Apple & Trump’s 7 days ago   17:46

Robocalls are a growing problem. If only we could make the FCC care a little bit more about fixing it.

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The guy asking if the caller was a robot was real aggrivating because I've worked in a lot of call centers and have had a lot of people assume I'm a robot. Normally I just laugh it off and assume that just means I sound professional but let me tell you it gets real aggrivating when someone won't drop it.
0 13
This is why I don’t answer numbers not in my contacts
Found the address in the Moby Dick chapter :D
Montgomery Burns
I think my "blocked contact" list has exceeded 2,000. I've been using an app that catches about 80% of robo/scam calls. And yeah, I pay 99 cents a month for it. It doubles as a health-app because it keeps the big vein in my head from exploding. Mr. Oliver strikes again with brilliance.
borot man
Hey, you'd all tell me you're not robots, right?
Holly Rey
I AM a real person :)
John Timmons
Doesn’t make the joke any less funny, but I actually did find the P.O. Box number pretty easily
Bahjo Mohamed
I find John Oliver handsome and weird and funny all at once
michael phelps
Lol shes a robot aahhhh ruuun!!
I lost a ton of respect for the show, forced or not, for the Michael Jackson comments. If the writers aren't researching enough to know there is a defendable argument for his innocence then what else are they researching poorly and toting as fact to their viewers?
Cory Riesen
if you call them like that you just take up their lines keeping out the general public just saying
Gorgon Gorbon
I just got one of these thoubn
Isaac Clodfelter
Golly I sure do hate me some Ajit Pai.
I usually answer and attempt to get a human on the other hand, and then I say something to the effective of "Help me I'm bleeding, please send help, I don't know how to stop the bleeding, there's so much blood, please help me." And that usually freaks them out enough so that they hang up.
Gothic Mom
Man, I wish that calling the FCC about robo calls was that easy lol
Dennis Belanger
the FCC chair is in on the support of the robocalls.
Dennis Belanger
I sued a creditor and won!!!! they called even after i told them to call my attorney and to not call me.
shoot your art
Capitalism fucks up every means of communication we have, and we can't get it together to just pass a goddamn law that stops it. Junk mail. Email spam. robocalls. Pathetic.
John Yousif
I love how he isn't just hilarious, he always takes immediate action to fix the problem he addresses. I wish someone like him would run for president. Someone with a sense of humor would be real with the public. Donald Trump already broke the now any celebrity can do it. Why not someone we trust? You can literally do your same job from a position of power. Imagine how funny the State of the Union would be. But I guess you'd have to be a natural born citizen though? there's ways around that
Ans Aesol
Thanks for an intelligent analysis and action.
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Fake Melania, Tim Apple & Trump’s Robocalls: Last Week Tonight 7 days ago   11:48