Watch Jeremy Corbyn speak The fake Brexit lorry jam – government 2 days ago   1:04:13

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He voted to Leave.
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Polititians had no chance, if there were jurisdiction done by normal persons and no warcriminels, liers, torturers, psychopathic scientists, psychiatrists and terrorists fighting for their rights to weapons of war and drugs, betrayel and uselessness, while poisoning and tormenting, terrorising, abusing and extincting more of animals and humanbeings.
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Am not interested in warlords, terrorists, sadists and their rubbish they cause with their science of War and poison onto animals and humanbeings.
AS i am Not interested in jurisdiction by warcriminels, liers, and torturers, who make money with drugs and poison by psychiatry and other scientists, who torture animals and humanbeings, betray and terrorise them, abuse them as LABRATS and block Real health to them.
GO on with childtorture and the forced obedience to Terrorists, Islamists and Nazis, jews and other religioustorturecults, for All of them are causing war, brutality, violence, poison, injustice, extremism, enslavement, destruction and cruelty onto humankind, which anyway won't survive this sadism and cruelty planned and done and which animals are fleeing also.
Psychiatry is cause and root of science of torture and war, all scientists torturing and drilling, terrorising and poisoning animals, do this to humanbeings also, which all are innocent to be in the midst of War, warcriminels, terrorists, sadists, extremists and religious fanatics and their extrem opposition in cruelty in repetition of insanity done by them.
Future of planet earth is lost to them, for All the good, the consense about justice is perverted by them into injustice fighting for their rights to torture and poison the innocent and good.
future will have an answer to those still fighting for their rights to rob, lie, poison and terrorise.
Psychiatry is proof of insanity by those using it on children, planning them to terrorise, after having been abused by those religious fanatics.
Terrorists being jews, muslims or whatever religious fanatics are the same than those never touching their children with nice gestures, which nobody is interested in, giving psychiatry and torturers of animals and humanbeings Power over them.
And the other extreme in porn and violence, rapeporn and cruelty, WHY don't you evil close your brothels and let those pimps and prostitutes fuck each other,they should get forbidden to reproduce as all priests, nuns and torturers of animals and humanbeings, including psychiatrists, terrorists and sadists, close them in and let them preach to each other as no normal being anyway is interested in rapeporn and violence. Rapists, who are punishing those they got left, will plan and Do this to children also and this is the REASON, WHY real rapists stay unpunished.
And most of them will end up as Islamists, muslims and torturers, EXTREMISTS, who will even hunt down the next generations, who never will know sexuality as normal and Not as Tool to sell FOOD.
Am not interested in future anymore, it is already poisoned and insane and proof of terrorism, injustice and cruelty as are the scientists, psychiatrists, rapists, rapepornaddicts, terrorists, muslimic liers and cowards, religious fanatics and warcriminels, torturers of innocent in jurisdiction and empowered with their lies, betrayel and poison of psychiatry and this evil drug lords, warlords and terrorists changing one Tool of destruction and poison into the other and still being nothing BUT cruel robberers, damagers in blocking health and rights against this organised slaughter against the Kind, moderate and good, the loving, the Kind, the innocent (Not virgins), who love animals and humanbeings and don't want to have them terrorised, Tortured and poisoned, so why do they plunder children, torture them, harrasse them and hinder them to be loved and nurtured ?
For they hate animals and vegans are proof to hate animals and humanbeings also, this is fact and psychiatry are sponsered by the drug lords, the poisoners, the warlords, the torturers, the atomic industry, the scientists in cruelty in perfection.
Anybody torturing, sadistically abusing animals and humanbeings, will torture, drill and poison animals also, vegan or Not.
Terrorists, brutals and sadists already proofed to be insane and this is proof of extinction and terror by those criminels still in war and Power.
GO on gestapopendlrapplrapistsillydumbnuts and warcriminel teachers and "Muslim" jews, orthodox, popes, torturers and islamists , you already planned to be criminels onto children and the next generations. And this is thousandfold proof of my innocence and the planned cruelty by perverts, who envy me, like all those, who chose to work as psychiatrists and torturers with poison and drugs, brutality onto children and hindered my opposition. They were never good nor normal, ALWAYS were warcriminels and now it is rule to fight for the warcriminels in their pervertion for drugs, poison and fouling, poisoned "fresh" food, and education is done by the uttermost evil, who don't want to be normal(as no psychiatrist and torturing, poisoning scientist, sadist, pope and patriarchic criminel ever will be) and will punish those they get hated by.
Pendlrappl and the terrorists, policemen hate me, for they are cowards and Courage can't be done by those rapists, terrorists, brutals and coward warcriminels, who are insane and violent, impotent and anyway sick and silly in brain and behaviour.
THEY will have CHOSEN to be silly and impotent already in war times, for these policemen really are cowards fearing justice and those silly teachers rather should get castratet or FUCK each other, for even an ape would detest and avoid them and they will die from their pervertion, for they anyway are born by incest and aren't allowed to FUCK, they are gaylords, who will be the death of genderjustice also, for teachers anyway now are warcriminels, who will gather around their former pupils and will be the dumbest and most silly in cruelty by them and those fighting for their rights to steal and rob, poison and plunder by blocking truth and justice to their "prey" .
Knowing Islam the last Religion, would have been praising this patriarchic cowards and warcriminels extinct also, which caused catastrophes and go on with their pervertion of War and archaic cruelty and insanity in extremes and repetition.
Yolo travels
How disappointing politicians are.... all of them
Dumbledore's Army
Just get out. The EU want to trap us in.
Baikal Lake
K most get together to get best deal out of EU. UK most prepare to sue EU for ignoring damage their deal doing to 30 millions british. If they are bullies away to their way, UK have enough force to invade EU as with two aircraft carriers and 100 of F35 fighters planes. US have enough F22 raptors and B2 bomber waiting in UK to nutralise all bases of Paris and Berlin's forces. UK have no reason to get bullied by EU.
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The fake Brexit lorry jam – government Watch Jeremy Corbyn speak 2 days ago   18:31

As lorries took to the tarmac of Manston Airport in a test of plans for a no-deal departure from the EU, the Brexit Secretary confirmed to MPs that a meaningful vote on the Prime Minister's Brexit deal will take place next week.


But there's little sign that Conservative MPs have returned from their Christmas break any more willing to vote for it. More than 200 MPs have written to the Prime Minister asking her to rule out a no deal, in the expectation her proposal won't make it through the Commons. Mrs May says she's seeking further assurances from the EU and is holding a drinks reception in a bid to woo her rebellious backbenchers.


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