Sunset Strippers - Falling Stars Cabin Crew - Star To Fall 3 months ago   03:20

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Track "Falling Stars (Radio Edit)" from album "Falling Stars(3)" by "Sunset Strippers". Download "Sunset Strippers" mp3 music on

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Cabin Crew - Star To Fall Sunset Strippers - Falling Stars 3 months ago   02:48

Cabin Crew (also known as Aviators, RobKAY [Rob Kittler] and Grafton Primary - Ben Garden and others) are a Sydney duo of Ben Garden and Rob Kittler from Australia. They are best-known for their song, "Star To Fall" (also known as "Star2Fall"), which is a remix of the 1988 hit song "Waiting For A Star To Fall" by Boy Meets Girl, and was involved in a "sample battle" with Sunset Strippers. Cabin Crew originally remixed the track, but SonyBMG would not clear the sample for release. Instead, they enlisted Sunset Strippers to remix the track to try and block the Cabin Crew version. But when Boy Meets Girl's vocalist George Merrill heard the track, he re-recorded the vocals, allowing the Cabin Crew release to go ahead. In Australia, the single releases were almost simultaneous. Although Cabin Crew's version debuted higher, Sunset Strippers hung around the chart longer. The Sunset Strippers version also picked up more airplay.

On February 28, 2008, Cabin Crew released their new song Can't Stop It on CD-Maxi (CDS/CDM), 12" Vinyl (EP), and digital formats under the Vicious Vinyl (Vicious Grooves) record label. The Mind Electric Mix is featured on the album Vicious Cuts Summer 2008.