SEC Championship 2018: Jalen Hurts How Bama Fans Watched The SEC Championship 2 weeks ago   20:55

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Down late to Georgia, with Tua Tagovailoa hurt, the Crimson Tide turned to Jalen Hurts, who stepped in and led two clutch touchdown drives en route to winning the SEC Championship.


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Alexander Tharpe
death, taxes, and GA football teams blowing leads.
We Are The Champions
Jacob Masters
I am Clemson fan-- I loved how Jalen played and conducted himself during his demotion. A lot of young men could learn from his demeanor.
Eric McDonough
Jalen Hurts and they’re out of medicine
Temekia Lyons
Hurts is the man
Bryce Radford
watch these highlights
Brian Brown
Tua time's in less than a year ,this one's gotta Hurts ,Roll damn Tide
Boomer Sooner
Thank you Bama for beating Dawgs to let Boomer Sooners in the playoffs and thank you to Georgia for holding Tua down to give Kyler Murray the Heisman. Boomer!
Shii Smith
Kirby Smart lost this game. The fake punt was what cost Georgia the game.
Zayne simard moore
This was a just a hard-fought win by Alabama, I gotta give credit to Jake Fromm for bringing it for the whole game. He really wanted to win this rematch. He did his part, but his defense didn't help him too much, even with Tua injured. Now, he's technically 0-3 against Tua because Tua beat him in for the Elite 11 MVP.
Anthony Clay
First of all, Tua was not benched, he got injured. Secondly, the reason Tua was starting because he was a better passer. Thirdly, Hurts wasn’t supposed to beat you with his arm, but he did. Hurts had scored the touchdown that put Alabama ahead against Clemson and the next year was the reigning SEC Player of the Year and got benched. I must admit, Tua saved the Tide in that National Championship Game. And Jalen saved the Tide this year. Guess what. I was jumping for joy after the Tua game and the Hurts game! Roll Tide!!
just disband any sports team from the state of georgia. and this isnt even a joke. they shouldnt be allowed to exist.
Sir Duke
For y'all rolling tide bama tip riders, let's not forget the fact that Tua still threw two picks (the most he has thrown in the season). Some say that this is a repeat of 11 months ago, Weeelll... If I recalled 11 months just Georgia's offence shitted on the proclaimed number 1 defense, JUST like this year. Congrats on the win bama, but Georgia obviously has the better team.
Glenn Weeks
Jalen has been waiting to lead his team to victory again...he is a true team player with a lot of class.
Captain adams
Alabama plays for 60 min. Two straight years Georgia couldn't finish. Thats what happens when you steal your former teams players. Karma is a bitch.
Siloam King
One of the greatest college football games since Oklahoma vs Georgia in the Rose Bowl.
Marquis Jefferson Johnson
Nick Sabar is like a genius chess player coaching a football team
tanner 123
They should've never called that Alabama touchdown
Rod Gossett
Alabama & sport fans keep saying Hurts won the game, no Kirby not so Smart blew it. You keep giving a quality teams opportunities guess what they will win most of the time.
Laura Rigdon
Tua and Hurts are both Heisman material to me! Roll Tide!
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How Bama Fans Watched The SEC Championship SEC Championship 2018: Jalen Hurts 2 weeks ago   05:23

Bama vs Georgia. Some call it a rematch, but these two teams just called it the next game up. An instant classic and an unlikely hero! #RollTide ***SEC CHAMP SHIRT ***