SEC Championship 2018: Jalen Hurts How Bama Fans Watched The SEC Championship 6 months ago   20:55

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Down late to Georgia, with Tua Tagovailoa hurt, the Crimson Tide turned to Jalen Hurts, who stepped in and led two clutch touchdown drives en route to winning the SEC Championship.


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wil kalani
The relationship between Tua & Jalen is the reason they work well together, no hard feelings just 2 teammates with 1 goal ! CHAMPIONSHIP BABY #RollTide
Why can't Fromm win the tough games? He is not a good quarterback because under pressure he makes bad throws and he is a slug, he can't scramble out of a bad position to keep the play alive. I really hope he is replaced for the 2019 season.
Ben Trujillo
Didn't matter who won this game neither was a match for Clemson. Georgia gave this game away they must have known something Alabama didn't.
Alexis perez
Bama needs to work on tackling 😂😂
chad rakestraw
Man even when bama gets out played they still finished.
Z.D.T Squaad
Alabama defense was horrible towards the end of the season
shawn bopko
hurts got that payton arm legs like vick and some newton
Nekhole Parrish
Jalen shows you how a man can be patient ❤️‼️☺️ Amazing
Dilly Dilly
Jaylen Waddle has potential to be a great NFL slot WR.
Se V eN
14:05 whoa did 52 get knocked out???
Jack Hintze
Well there’s a surprise, Georgia fucking blew it again
Ray 7337
Yawn. Who cares
Katherine Ruth
I cant watch.
ArrowJ Smith
Alabama has UGA's number. UGA is now 0-5 vs ALABAMA LAST 5.
Tanner Elliotte
Wish this Georgia team would've showed up against Texas. They would've beaten Texas by 50
Tiick __
I hate that we lost this way... but I see positivity coming back to this. Alabama has been the king of the SEC for a long time now and what I see is someone coming closer to taking the throne. Only a matter of time for the DAWGS!
The Late Kick
In the time since we’ve launched our show, this was without question the most memorable game we covered. Wait a second, perhaps a game in the same building....featuring the same teams.....a year earlier.
Michael Little
This game was over when Jalen scored. UGA was shell shocked.
G Grace - Bama Boy
This never gets old. 😂😂
Its still so hard to watch this!! Heartbroken dawg fan!! GO DAWGS!!!! 2019
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How Bama Fans Watched The SEC Championship SEC Championship 2018: Jalen Hurts 6 months ago   05:23

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