EU negotiator Michel Barnier warns Jean-Claude Juncker and EU 'enlargement fatigue' 3 months ago   01:18

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wolfie smith
free from umpa lumpaz
isobella adduci
to people in comments Theresa may just give eu £175 billion through Africa,eu is killing us by using Africa and immigration our old people are starving and freezing.. Theresa may says Africa will be our main trade after brexit. africa is so viopent that ebola,yellow fever,plague,aids is ravaging people over there and people who help will be killed if they go in and gelp,so what do we want to trade with it for why go in and out constantly making us the most other country in danger
GandalphsPipe murf
Fuck the EU,USA all the way and fuck all you Trump haters half the people that want the UK to stay in EU are just Fucking Bellends crying about what there gonna loose when we fuck the EU off Up my middle Finger ......
wolfie smith
Barnier is the wizard of OZ(EU)-- NO deal would be perfect start for a FREE UK
Geert De Coster
How hard is it for the Brits to realize that Barnier is just doing his job and looking after the EU countries first... and that the Irish Republic is a fully independent state that needs to be respected and treated that way by the UK?
Shut up Michel Barnier!! This is why I can't wait to leave the EU, so these Europeans can no longer feel it's their place to come and tell us what we can and can't do. Bye bye EU!!
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Jean-Claude Juncker and EU 'enlargement fatigue' EU negotiator Michel Barnier warns 3 months ago   08:19

Brussels has opened a new window for EU membership to "six Western Balkans nations":

Euronews reporter Efi Koutsokosta met EU Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, on the last stop of his "tour of Western Balkan nations": — Serbia, Montenegro, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Albania, Kosovo and Bosnia— in Sofia. She st…

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