Free Echo CS 400 Chainsaw, Will The Chainsaw Skateboard 2 days ago   1:00:12

I went out garage sale shopping and came across a couple of chain saws in a free pile, lets go through them and bring them back,

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Jody Smith
Was that your new pet turkey at the end?
Rusty Bucket
yeah mustie most centrifugal clutches are just the sintered bronze type metal shoe
That chain seems to be pretty loose after you adjust it, they seem to jump off the bar when I have them like that
Robert Heinkel
I always hated working on two strokes. So simple, yet complicated. Give me a four stroke any day.
patrick f cheney jr
Hey Musty. What ever happened to all those free China electric bikes.. If you still have some left, Could you do a restoration or build a Musty Franken bike with one. All your videos are great keep it up.
I hope he works on the Poulan. I've never seen a Poulan start without starting fluid. Only Mustie1 could do it.
Ron White
Great videos! I can't wait to see war of your progress on the new shop. That's the exciting!
Jon Anderson
Less talkin', more repair rockin'.
jason crigger
What about the scooter? ?? 1:20 VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO
Ganesh Narayan
i watched this video on june 15 2019 love this video.diid you know on these small engines the muffler gets cloggrd up with carbon and the engine wont run right. thanks.
Vivian Stimpson
Looking for some roadside trash
To add to my stash
Don't need the cash
My viewers never bash
Let's hope it's got spark
And we're not left in the dark
Someone's been here before
Look at the mark
Had that same creature in my back yard but when I took out my phone to film he hid behind the shed
Mustie, how would you go about learning how to work on small engines? Could you teach yourself with books or would finding a class that teaches on the subject be more helpful? Thanks.
Kurt Gustafsson
Curious if Mustie1 has ever done a helpful video explaining how he organizes his stashes of so many spare parts & tools etc. ... i could always use a few good tips on that aspect on my hording ?
Mike Robinson
Hey Mustie Was there final video for the Jawa ?
Carl Duncan
Mustie1 - The Bob Ross of small engine repair
Tim Heagarty
1. Good video! 2. I've read that soaking those valve papers in brake fluid will rejuvenate them. 3. Don't forget the grease hole out at the long end of the chain bar. There is a small grease gun used to force grease into that sprocket. 4. Congrats on 300K subs!
Harris from Q
I picked up a free chainsaw yesterday a Craftsman. I hope that I can get to run the guy said it was sitting for over a year.
perry dubbzz
what was that huge bird a terky or what
Aaron Horn
Mustie1 That is a pretty rough saw, I think it would be a better candidate for a new bike!
Mostly because of there being no chain brake. Ive used saws professionally, and never had to use the safety feature of the chain break but I really like knowing that it is there if I ever need it
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The Chainsaw Skateboard Free Echo CS 400 Chainsaw, Will 2 days ago   12:18

What happens when you mix a free weekend, my friend Bobby, an idea, some steel, and a skateboard. the results almost always prove to be staggeringly almost the greatest thing ever. As well as ranging from slightly to very ill-advised. I'll give this one a ever-so-slightly-sketchy on the ill-advisory meter. (it's 12 minutes and 17 seconds of something you probably don't need to see, but a 12 minutes and 17 seconds that might clue you into the character of two not so average very young adults being not bored)