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Anne Martin
Bridges, canals, windmills, dykes, tulips and bicycles -- the Netherlands may be one of the smallest countries in Europe, but this maritime nation casts a long shadow. It's a water-dominated country fondly-known the world over as "Holland". Half the country is under sea-level and after spending time in the Capital City of Amsterdam, we cross the 30 km long Afsluitdijk to explore Friesland, and then delve into WW2 history at "A bridge too far" in Arnhem. For more information visit and check out episode 33 in the International Features category.

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theo van staden
i love the Netherlands!
Sahi PK
"Everybody likes Amsterdam"? If there weren't so many marihuana smoking tourists, and hundreds of Nutella shops, it might have been more appealing to the rest of the Dutch.
Walter Taljaard
"Offslootdeek?'' At least TRY to pronounciate Dutch words right.
Henk Oosterink
Even the King cycles, he is the best cyclist in the world. Even better than trump.
Saggitta Diamond
Want to go there... But... 😭
Willem Zeilmaker
Anne Martin: 2.28 you say "If you'r in the mood of a Dutch treat...", I think you'r wrong.
A "Dutch treat" (an English expression) means all persons pay their own expenses! lol
And one other thing: There are not such as Frisian cows. Their race is called Holsteiner.
Everybody likes Amsterdam. Not true. I never liked Amsterdam. They only show the beautiful spots but the moment you arrive by train you had enough for a LONG time.
albert odillon
I have been to the Netherlands to visit the tulip fields
Jessa Mae Reyes
How about Rotterdam?
This "docu" is about Friesland.....excuse me, we have about 13 more are only promoting about 10% of the Netherlands....
Chris Foster
Why so many bicycles?
Are they all happy people?
Do they have IT jobs? Is it hard to become a citizen? lol
Mega Duper Super
dont ever call it holland again please . i dont live in holland we have more then 2 provinces i live in limburg the netherlands okey so just call it the netherlands
vreezshlahnnd hahahaha "FREES-LAND" it's not that hard to pronounce
Leeuwarden is one of the more boring cities to visit as a tourist though. And Arnhem would only rank really high on my list if you have a specific link to the 1944 battle.
Amsterdam, Utrecht, Haarlem, Alkmaar, Rotterdam, Deltawerken, Middelburg, the Wadden Islands, Groningen, Maastricht, Muiden, The Hague, Volendam, Delft, Gouda and many other places would rank higher on my list of things I'd recommend.
Jessica Schultz
I have great respect for the Dutch, and their beautiful country!
Lots of love from Louisiana. ^^
Joseph Madawela
I love the Netherlands and the Dutch are cool!
Source 1 Media
We have several videos on our channel about the culture of Netherlands. one of the videos is about windmills, you can watch the videos on our channel, in different language options. Take a look at our channel and find out more about Dutch culture! Link: Holland Heritage - Living mills of Holland (English)
Amsterdam doesn't represent The Netherlands, it's only the capitol of 1 province with the name "Holland". Please visit the other provinces to complete the idea how
The Netherlands really are. Every province has his charm... not to compare with Amsterdam. No dykes, tulips or canals in the southern provinces, but evenso each province is beautiful and worh to visit.
Blode Kont
Where is Limburg? Groningen? Drenthe? Zeeland * which made New Zeeland ;)  *  So many diversatys..and they only talk about Friesland and the PROVINCE of Holland???  Crap 
amsterdam is so different form the rest of the netherlands

it is the same for new york in the usa
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Visit The Netherlands - What to Know The Netherlands -- Meet the Dutch 2 days ago   12:12

Read the Blog for More Information on The Netherlands:
Heading to The Netherlands & Not Sure What to Expect? Well here we go through the top things that tourists should know when they visit The Netherlands.
1. It is The Netherlands, Not Holland. Holland is the name of two counties in The Netherlands.
2. The language of The Netherlands is Dutch, but as a tourist you really do not need to know any Dutch as the Dutch speak English extremely well throughout the country.
3. The Euro is the currency in The Netherlands and you can find ATMs all over the country. Credit cards are widely accepted as well.
4. The Netherlands is a small country with a very well developed transportation network. Therefore you can easily take trains all over the country in a fast and efficient way. Make sure you tap in and out with your tickets as you enter your platforms.
5. Biking is a very popular pastime and way to get around Dutch cities. There are a number of bike rental agencies throughout The Netherlands. Look for one near a train station and rent a bike for the day to explore, or sign up for one of the numerous bike tours around the country.
6. The Netherlands is rather safe for tourists. Do take care with pickpockets and extremely aggressive beggars in Amsterdam's more popular areas. The bike line is for bikes only so watch out unless you want to get hit by a bike and yelled at by a local.
7. Drugs bring a lot of tourists to Amsterdam and the Dutch/German border. If you are going to The Netherlands to experiment with soft drugs make sure you go to a "Coffee House" they have menus and trained personnel that can help travelers. We do not recommend you do drugs and highly discourage travelers from doing this. However, we do know a number of tourists do go there for that. So please be safe, and speak with the coffee shop attendant about your previous experiences so they can help you.
9. The best things about the Netherlands are the quaint cities and towns like Haarlem, Leiden, Groningen, as well as the larger cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The architecture and museums throughout the country really are outstanding. And yes you will see quite a few windmills as you explore The Netherlands.
10. The food is hearty in The Netherlands, make sure you try a bitter ballen or a traditional pancake or herring from one of the stalls. The market and food halls have tons of great treats for travelers. There are numerous international restaurants all over The Netherlands as well.
11. The Netherlands is not a cheap place to visit, however the prices are on par with the US & other major European destinations. Amsterdam accomodation will be your biggest expense. Therefore you may want to stay outside of Amsterdam to have a cheaper and more Dutch experience.

Filmed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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The Don'ts of The Netherlands

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5 Love & Hates of Visiting The Netherlands

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