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Aren't I Adorable
I helped build the Apalachicola, Florida bridge 1987/88 while saving money for college. I worked on the Caps, Horizontal Concrete going across Pilings.And in between each cap is a diaphram, which allows the pieces of roadway to expand and contract. I loved the job even though it was quite dangerous walking between caps at roughly 30' to 140'' over ocean water.
Eric Boyles
Are those pipes going into the earth at an angle at the 4:00 mark and on, called a “ Deadman “? Interesting vid! Thanks!
Venkataramana Rambhatla
commentary ledu dandaga!
Kenji Tang
soothing music thank you
Why that music though?
Rashed Iqbal
want more video
Muhammadh Ishqy
best video
thank u very much to the uploader
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Hydromill Module SH 50 Diaphragm/Slurry walls Diaphragm Wall Utilites 1 day ago   05:14

Diaphragm walls are common practice in civil engineering as part of or as aids to the building of civil and hydraulic structures.
Info on Soilmec Hydromill Module SH-50: http://goo.gl/oC9drn
Mounted on Crane Tiger SC-135: http://goo.gl/B69u0K

Basically, a trench is excavated in the ground, generally in the presence of a stabilizing fluid, and it is then back-filled with an appropriate material. The material is cut and loosened with two cutting wheels mounted at the bottom of a steel frame and rotating in opposite directions.

Mud treatment unit SMT-500: http://goo.gl/8B1q16

The loosened or cut material mixes into the bentonite slurry suspension which is pumped from the trench by a very powerful suction pump mounted on the hydromill and conveyed to a mud treatment unit plant for cleaning. Hydromill offers a greater rate of penetration for the excavation than most any other type of diaphragm wall technique and also offers the highest level of accuracy in verticality.

Supports and pre-escavation: SC-70 http://goo.gl/0UuTFA

Il modulo idrofresa SH 50 è costituito da un robusto telaio in acciaio sul quale sono montati due unità di perforazione contro-rotanti e indipendenti. Con l’obiettivo di correggere la deviazione dalla verticale sono state progettate sulla superficie del modulo fresante delle alette mobili indipendenti.

Soilmec ha sviluppato un sistema di rotazione del modulo fresante per la realizzazione di pannelli a T in quanto in cantieri con poco spazio disponibile la variazione dell’orientamento della macchina può essere un’operazione molto difficile portando a un notevole aumento di costo e di tempo di realizzazione dell’opera.

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