Things You Didnt Know About I DISCOVERED my parent's terrible SECRET 2 days ago   12:04

Things You Didnt Know About Everyday Objects! I'm SSSniperWolf and today we're looking at cool facts things you see everyday but don't know about! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications

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things you didnt know about everyday objects! did you know any of these? I put a poll at the end of the video (testing it out) :D
Ethan Waller
I love sparkling water
Mrs.Queen ofgachavids
I love sparkling water my favorite is tangerine
ᴍᴀᴇ ᴍᴀᴇ ._.
wait They never mix up my mcflurry.......
Gacha bee
Waiiiiiiiit a minute...

What are those mcflurry lids?
Yall got clear lids ?!
Alex demon
The little balls are hard
With the cod part if its broken it will still work
Nat Tricomi
Wait what, wdym it would work on a gas stove or electric stove? It doesnt matter what stove you use it on it depends on the spoon/spatula and pot/pan
Rats have a fetish for eating paper?
Dani That Weirdo
My mom doesn’t like AirPods, because sadly their so small you can loose them easily :c
Nikki Cicca
I hate watching these when I know all the stuff in it..that might sound rude oops.
Faith Shields
I couldnt smash the like button. I have airpods😫
Rose Alexandra
Lol 😂 lia just swears
nicely done
I love sparkling water
3:10 Uhhhmmmm... My friends ate some at 4-H camp. Is that a bad thing...? LUCKILY THEY DIDNT DIE
Lucy Redmond
Daaamn what sort of mcflurry caps do u have in america
Abbi Walters
In england I have never ever in my life seen a glass ketchup bottle, from what I know we've only got squeezy bottle
Another Fact Is: The Hole In The Lollipop Stick Also Let's The People Breath If They Swallow The Stick On Accident. It's very Useful To Many Kids And Parent, And People.: ................................THEY HELP OUT THE KIDS FROM GETTING SCOLDED AT IF THEY SWALLOW IT, IT ALSO LET'S THE PARENTS NOT GET A HEART ATTACK...... :)
Lobna Abuseta
Pretend I said something funny.
Rawan Chan
Was I actually the only one to know what silica is BEFORE watching the video?!
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I DISCOVERED my parent's terrible SECRET Things You Didnt Know About 2 days ago   05:46

Hey. Today Jane I want to share with you my pain that has bothered me all my life. Thanks jane for sending us her story.

"The thing is that I have never been loved by my parents. They didn’t love me at all, they gave all their warm feelings to my younger sister. Here she is, the queen of our house, perfect and terribly spoiled. And you, guys, do not think that it’s jealousy, it’s quite a fact, due to which I just ran away from home to boarding school when I was 16.
It happened so that I have no grandparents because both of my parents were raised in orphanages, and when I was small, there was just no one to stay with me except parents. Dad began to study and work in the evenings, and my mother stayed with me. Well, I understand them, they wanted to have fun, and entertain themselves instead of changing diapers and falling off their feet because of fatigue, but I honestly do not know why they would not just give up the “burden”.
You know, I have felt like a burden during all my childhood, since infancy. When I learned how to walk, they began to leave me at home alone, with a bowl of soup and dry toasts for the whole day. The neighbors were told that my parents had no money for a baby-sitter, but my mother needed to go to work.
Of course, I didn’t have any toys and my clothes weren’t numerous as well. I played with the TV remote control and books, I was growing like an absolute Mowgli. Of all the clothes, I had 2 T-shirts, shorts, warm pants, and a jacket for all seasons. After kindergarten, I had to go home on my own and to wait for my parents at the entrance.
Later, when I was already in the first grade, my parents managed to rise above the crowd somehow and started earning good money. They made repairs in our two-room apartment, bought a car, and a fur coat for my mom... And I caught tuberculosis because of my street life. And you know, it was a great year, no one beat me, called me names, or waved off. I was given delicious food and nice clothes in the sanatorium, even visiting men and women presented toys to me. It was cool!
At that place, I first learned what the words ‘care’ and ‘love’ mean. Some children stayed with their mothers in the hospital. They found tender words for me as well, I even received a couple of kisses on the forehead, when my temperature suddenly increased.
And then I had to go back home, where a surprise was waiting for me. I learned that I had a younger sister. Being naive, I thought that everything would change now, well, or at least that I would have someone who would love me, but...
Before, my parents lived in a small bedroom and I was sleeping in the living room. A small bedroom was given to my sister, my parents moved to the living room, and I was supposed to sleep on a couch in the kitchen. And apart from school duties, I had to help my mother with the sister at that moment. For the slightest mistake, I was beaten and left without food. But my sister always got the best things, her room was like the one of a little princess and she had a lot of nice little dresses and toys…
Sister grew up spoiled and capricious. My mother got off her feet for the sake of her "sweetheart". But they did not pay attention to me at all, as if I did not exist.
Once I lost my patience and asked why they treated me like that. Then my mom said that I was an adopted child and they didn’t want to have me at all. She ordered me to go to my own place until I did not get in trouble. And once I was cleaning the living room while my mother drove my sister to the park. At that moment, I found birth certificates. And, you know, I definitely was their own daughter, there were documents from the hospital, and the certificates. But there was only one piece of paper related to my sister, it was about the transfer of custody.
So, does it mean that she is an adopted child and I am a biological, a native one? I began to look further. And I found something. It turned out that my sister is not my sister at all. She is the daughter of some very rich guy who died without leaving any successors. And now all his money went to my so-called sister. And my parents got the custody for the child in order to receive that money. So, that's the whole love.
There I was sent to the department working with children, and then I signed the papers on my own in order to go to the orphanage. If my parents did not have a daughter from the moment of her birth, then for me, they ceased to be parents when I signed the paper.
I hope you support me and like this video. It is not worth having kids if you are not ready for them. Children feel everything, they need love and care. Do not have children just for the record or out of the chance. And let the number of unhappy children be as small as possible in the world".

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