Disturbing Things from Around 5 Unsolved Mysteries with DISTURBING 1 day ago   24:27

The Internet is loaded with creepy and bizarre oddities, and tonight we're going to dive into five more of them. Enjoy.

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#1: https://tinyurl.com/y6mqskw3
#2: https://tinyurl.com/y5e5roux
#3: https://tinyurl.com/y4nkjwat
#4: https://tinyurl.com/y6a8klrd
#5: https://tinyurl.com/oc8kuzc

Intro: Black Heat - Ross Budgen: https://ai-tube.com/videoai/zudaX65NMzZ
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Kellie Bush
I have heard the chimpanzee story numerous times and this is the first time I have heard about the Lyme disease medication. I find that an interesting detail for people to leave out...
Girl climb tree, he he he
Yaboi Avery
oh lord
the chimp clip.
im dying.
the monkey....
she killed her but oh my god...
the chimp screaming in the backround
bro im wheezing
Caller: "send a police the chimp killed my friend''

Operator: "whats the problem with your friend''
Yaboi Avery
no one else sees the floating nigga in the dog sees ghost video?
So crazy that I saw the Travis videos on my Sociology class last semester.
Ashton Alexis
Look into Mae Thomas on Facebook
A wild animal is always going to stay a wild animal.
How do you not manage to stab a chimp to death? Incompetence often leads to tragedy...
myrs arredondo
....🙈🐒 we irritating
thumbs up if you are bingewatching all episodes
Chase Masters
I hope that 911 operater with the chimp was fired or givin jail time.
jacopo valanzano
6:50 is that white shadow the thing the dog was barking at? Look close just in front of the black box, as soon as the video starts to fade out: 6:50
“Demonic Activities” = Climbing trees
Christen Smith
There are alot of cultures that hold certain trees sacred. It's typically paegan religious rituals. This is seen in Israel but is considered not a good thing. I only know this because of artwork in my theology course. Not sure if that helps but maybe look into some ancient art work? Its a little on the witchy side. Lol
Just Miles
That 911 operator is the absolute most incompetent piece of shit lol
Bruh the chimpanzee attack happened on my birthday
i have a few theories on the dog. just because its behavior seems strange the answer doesn't have to be ghosts.

the way that the dog barks, the direction and "concentrated" way it looks, the small hesitation before barks, the backwards movement and unsure tail wag makes me near certain that the dog is trained to bark upon a hand signal and there's a second person standing just off the camera. i am trying to train my dog to bark on command and she shows similar behavior because she knows that normally barking is being shut down and so far the commands i am giving her to bark are not yet a reliable trigger for barking.
the way it backs off could also mean that the person unseen by the camera is doing something that scares the dog, like wearing a mask. the second person theory would also explain why the dog looks up the way it does. as for the part where it looks at the wall a lot in the beginning, my dog is prone to barking when feeling insecure or feeling the need to alert. during her barking she gets easily distracted by shadows and reflections and looks at them for a brief moment.
a last theory i have is that the dog got spooked by something that happened right in that spot, like something falling down or onto it like the picutre there which the dog might've bumped into, or something fell out from around the corner, and now the dog is avoiding the spot. the prompting of the owner brings it into a conflict situation because it really wants to come but doesn't dare to, so it starts barking out of frustration.
Ludboy Jolly

Operator: so it’s a date! What time should I pick you up
What's up
I feel so bad for that poor Girl's family that lost her life in the explosion. My heart goes out to them.
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5 Unsolved Mysteries with DISTURBING Disturbing Things from Around 1 day ago   31:05

Sometimes it's better not to know who's on the other end of the line... The following 5 mysteries involve some seriously creepy phone calls and messages. They all remain unsolved. Audio included.

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