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Jonathan Haidt is a social psychologist and Professor of Ethical Leadership at New York University's Stern School of Business. He's also the author of books such as "The Happiness Hypothesis" and "The Coddling of the American Mind".

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Thinking critically and holistically accountable to reason could be started to be taught EARLY in life, not 'college'. WE are MASSIVELY deficient in this. It is NOT as 'hard' as it would seem by how widely competency it is not demonstrated. We DO, MOSTLY, take it for granted. We talk about 'competency' in 'disciplines' but out ENTIRE culture (including acedemia) is NOT so focused on reason. Yes it is that 'simple'. We put proper emphasis on it (which is fuk lot more than we do) and we will be much more competent as a culture. This is about metacognition.. how and why with think more emotionally and socially and less critically. Epistemology is key 'too, and you can apply it TO metacognition ....'holistic critical thought Everyday science of thinking, if you like. Lots of good stuff in this talk though.
left and right are no 'opposite equals'. We need to be polarized against conservatism. Reason tells us this, not some social agenda.
nothing really new about anti-intellectualism, lack of interest in reason, and accountability to it, in all things. But reason seems to have been even more in the background somehow lately. We have to value meta-cognition and reason, which can render social nonsense less valuable. It's a 'math', we don't recognize it's essential value. left and right are not 'opposite equals'. We NEED to be polarized against conservatism. Reason tells us this, not some social agenda. Some of this video is just IGNORING the MASSIVE asymmetry in REASON (in fact is seems generally under-discussed and under-reported). Liberal DOES tend to be more plastic under and more tolerant to criticism, especially if called out by it's own, which is much more likely to happen on 'the left' as well. Not mentioning these facts (yes they are) seems irresponsible. 'Social dynamics' are SHIT. Reason is our ONLY guide. ACTUAL reason. No, it's not some fuking cosmic fuking mystery. sigh.
Shaun McCormack
1.7k Thumbs Down?
Ian Kelly
He makes a lot of sense to me, but he keeps saying "That's right " so condescendingly that I'd probably punch him in the face.
Alpha Balde
Something is very wrong for students to behave like this. I do think though in a low moral and low ethics environment, Privilege +Power can be dangerous in the wrong hands.
Bruce Ahlheim
"Calling outers"? We've already got a name for them, Social Justice Warriors.
Joi Blake
American kids have no place to leave these aggression as kids. They didnt fight in school, get bullied, apologize and learn to play with each other so now they are manifesting this aggression in college
Joi Blake
It wont change. They will only go out and create a society that is like what - the call out culture in the workplace.Its the 1980's with Al Sharpton and Jackson except you will have the white version
Since 2012, They have been installing commercial-grade wifi inside middle school classrooms across the country.( Cones were placed inside ceilings to focus the signal down into the classrooms). Tablets have been supplied for every child, cameras are on, & location data on campus & elsewhere is tracked & stored. This equates to more than 1100 hours of chronic exposure to low-level, modulated, radio-frequency radiation during puberty (a vulnerable time in life). An extra dose of whooping cough vaccine was added to the vaccine schedule for 7th graders about to be exposed to the radiation in classrooms. Please get copies of the 2008-09 Presidents Cancer Panel Report: Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk- What We Can Do Now. they will send you 5 copies & even pay the postage. Frailty sucks.
Gordon Berridge
Great podcast. The podcasts you learn from tend to be the ones with the centrist folk on. I get you need critics to sharpen your ideas but I learned that from a centrist. There are plenty of them out there. Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, Stephen Fry, Joe Rogan, Jonathan Haidt, Steven Pinker etc - they vary and oppose each other in many ways but you'll not find more central thinking and behaving people, IMO.
As a father of a young daughter, this information is extremely interesting and relevant. EXCELLENT podcast Joe, thank you.
Isaac Sanders
yung tuna
this need to be 4 hour
Rb Bb
The male priveldge to open the door and get beaten up...the female has the priveldge to expect the man to protect her...
David Lupica
“How do we get rid of all racism and sexism?” Impossible, because it’s redefined every year to include more “microaggressions.”
It does not seem like Joe will follow the advice of letting his kids go out on their own. He made a cringe sound almost every time haidt suggested he do it with his own kids, and admitted he's even afraid to let his kids go sleep over at a friends house. I realize that most parents are like that these days but just saying that joe certainly is not an exception in this respect. Joe didnt seem to quite grasp the concept or at least fully understand that you are actually putting your kids in more danger by being a protective parent. Maybe because if your kid attempts/ commits suicide you feel less culpable than if you let them out on their own and something terrible happens to them. Feeling less culpable does not make it any better, but somehow I think the idea of letting your kid out and there is a very very miniscule chance that they could be abducted NOW, vs not letting your kids out and there is a higher chance that they may be suicidal later in life is somehow an easier pill to swallow. Its just an unavoidable visceral reaction that I think most parents will have because they feel that they are more in control of there kids well being if they are with the kids than if they let them out to play on their own and something happens to them.
Steve Gee
Great interview, but unfortunately, the Professor shows a little naivety when he talks at 50:00 about "...when you and I go into a social encounter we never consider racism..." Sorry, Professor, that's because you are working and living in a planetary echo-chamber. Just go wherever the "other" lives - China or India, for example. You will encounter "white racism" everywhere in those places.
Immanuel K.
"you are just a person. nobody cares," word =)
Communication Coach Alex Lyon
Just ordered his book. Sounds like well-researched stuff!
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