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Jonathan Haidt is a social psychologist and Professor of Ethical Leadership at New York University's Stern School of Business. He's also the author of books such as "The Happiness Hypothesis" and "The Coddling of the American Mind".

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Luka Kljova
Jonathan can you please tap the mic gently.
jay fine
Wow does this guy look like Neil Gorsuch.
Friar Newborg
Jonathan here's the attitude you need: "FK YR FEELZ, SJW".
The Universities needs to protect their professors from wild kids.
Send them back to Mommy
Friar Newborg
They are not genuine fields of academic endeavor. Starbucks can offer jobs to ALL professors of Womens Studies, Black Studies, Gender Studies >>
tenebrarius the philosophic
oh shit got brain damage kek
Alexander Levit
@joerogan can you put up a link for that free magazine the professor mentioned briefly... Hetereodex something
Andrew Russo
As someone with a daughter, this kind of terrifying
barbara grace
Wonderful to have some solutions along with the well defined problems. Sharing with everyone I know you has kids. Killing the kids with kindness, depriving them of a social immune system or ability to think or navigate.
Charles Fisher
I remember my freshman year of college (spring 2013) hearing somebody in an intro anthropology class mention safe spaces and thinking it was the most ridiculous thing I’d ever heard
Ted Johnson
We live in the world of the lord of the flies
Thank you Jonathan for coming on, very insightful podcast!
Wayne Bertelsen
JOE. I went to 13 years of private catholic schooling. from their i went to downtown Chicago to play music in bars. then I went to a Trade school. From a young age I have been told I am a sharp man. I see all sides from an open side of an issue. To me, I will be more than happy to work it out with you. this is a great chance to do an average joe issue. big fan, love to see your work grow and continue.
Mikhail McInally
I know this comment may be kind of late but does anybody have any recommendations for articles or books about the "games" human beings play with each other? Like the ones the professor talks about in the beginning of the podcast?
What an amazing guest. Every word he uttered about parents and schools and students and society it's so damn descriptive of the reality nowadays. I know that I know.
Sara Kushner
McCarthy adjacent. Yes.
Smith No-Mates
Earlier they talk how kids need to be taught terms to fight the callout culture but at the same time they sneer at terms like SJW which are clear signs of people identifying the problem and naming it without that help. SJW, snowflake, moral busybody, even sensitive faggot if we go far enough... Also I'd disagree with this overly positive view on progress, it's neutral and has no point of good or evil as a default. Cancer has progression too.
SusieQ Hudson
This makes it even easier to only teach college online.
SusieQ Hudson
Well I'm even more offended that you are offended... So you are the one in trouble... Problem solved.
matthew peters
give them there dummies , or they will throw there rattles out of the pram
matthew peters
common sense ain't common . .......i'ts all a power game. the ego loves to be righteous get's all puffed up ; were the saints your the sinners .... he's a witch she's a witch
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