Britain's next prime minister: Jeremy Hunt: Boris Johnson 1 day ago   03:39

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Who exactly are the men competing to be the next Conservative leader and Britain's new prime minister?
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David Grossman takes a closer look at Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt.

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Sweetgems3000 ‘
I can tell that he’s gonna put In the stop and check law
310 years of Parliament, 56 prime ministers, 42 went to Oxbridge, it’s got to stop.
Russian Métropolitan
The choice between two stone cold losers
George S
Looks like an idiot
Mod 66
Biff V George Mcfly
Oh look , it's Simon Pure heart . ' Bet he never has screaming rows with his partner, like Boris with the police coming around: He is the Knight in shining armour. Don't fall off your horse - wanabee.
Well... Britain is now well and truly buggered. Voting for either of these two numbskulls is like having to choose the manner in which you wish to be executed. By hanging or electrocution. I'll let you decide who is who...
b kmmbo
As an American I have to ask: Are you serious? Boris Johnson? Can you not all take a lesson from us? You are all supposed to be the sensible ones! And if Trump and Boris ever manage to get together God only knows what they'll fuck up.
Don't matter who we get... it will be more of the same bull
David Liggins
Hunt married to a bloody immigrant..Stuck up creep..Boris is more down to earth sort of guy we like him..give him a chance we say?
Doug Rutter
Good old Emily. .. no regard for other passengers.allowing her dog to sleep on a passenger seat??? Did she pay for that seat??? She would be suing someone if she ended with dog hair on her clothes... no regard for others... oh and the police were called to Emily's room coz her neighbours complained about the noise... apparently she was getting a massage from a goat.....
nomad nimoi
One man. One vote!!! Why are we not being allowed to vote for our next prime minister?? This is not a race! It's a total abandonment of democracy!!! No taxation without representation!!!!
Neil Mccarthy
Another ‘unbiased’ piece of bbc propaganda. How does the bbc get away still with taking license fees???
I bet the new prime minister will be Donald Trumps brother!!
Simon Mahon
What a Muppet!!!
Mike Oxhuuj
Who's that cock jockey you're up against called, Boris? Is he famous? Has he been stood up by his date?
Father Rob
Ps and while where at it get rid of the bbc totally ludicrous in modern society paying for your own propaganda
Father Rob
What the uk needs is people power marching down the m1 to Downing Street and ask the lot of them to go POWER TO THE PEOPLE
Father Rob
Can someone tell me why every pm has to be a Etonian?
Father Rob
Good oh Boris will be next pm no deal exist in October jolly good
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Jeremy Hunt: Boris Johnson Britain's next prime minister: 1 day ago   01:06

Jeremy Hunt on Sunday challenged his rival for the Conservative leadership Boris Johnson to stop avoiding debates and answer the 'difficult questions'. Johnson has come under pressure to address a visit police officers made to his London home after a reporter quarrel with with his girlfriend.
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