EAP Learners and Pronunciation - Craig Thaine Effective teaching, effective learning: 3 months ago   57:47

Cambridge University Press ELT
In this webinar, author Craig Thaine explores oral communication needs, comprehensibility and pronunciation in academic English.

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Effective teaching, effective learning: EAP Learners and Pronunciation - Craig Thaine 3 months ago   24:02

How many ways are there to teach or learn a language? What materials, techniques, tools, approaches and attitudes are involved? How can we know which combination is best for a particular learner in a particular context? This presentation will outline what pedagogy research involves and what insights it brings to CUP ELT, our partners and our customers. Attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of how pedagogical research informs the process of designing CUP’s courses and support services.

Filmed during the Cambridge University Press ELT 'Better Learning' conference, August 2016.