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Charlie Agtv
29. A child of God is one who believes in the living prophet of his time. If you die before Boko Haram or the Islamic state for your Christian or Muslim faith, you will go to hell. You died while remaining faithful to an ideology like in politics or football. Is a Pharisee who dies for his Judaic faith saved? Is a Sunni Muslim killed by a Salafist for his Sunni faith saved? Your false hope of Salvation relieves your conscience but you will go to hell. God never asked anyone to convert to a religion. God never sent a religion on the earth. I am your prophet speaking to you. If you are a child of God, you will seek the living prophet of your time and not a religion or a holy book.

1. Like the prophets of the Bible, in April 1993, I, Kacou Philippe, a man who had never been in a church, I receive in a vision, the visitation of an Angel who commissions me for a Message destined to the whole earth in fulfillment of Matthew 25:6 and Revelation 12:14. This is the account of my conversion, as well as the three great visions of the call and commission as I received them:
Yao Blé Estelle
30. Know that when you are born, all family and relatives’ blessings and curses from Adam down hang above you. But when you reach the age of consciousness, not the sorcerers but your first actions determine your choice. And the solution is to return first to God through his prophet according to 2 Chronicles 20:20. Seek Salvation first. And Salvation is only through the living prophet of your time. Not an angel, not a book called Bible or Quran. Not a prophet called Moses, Jesus of Nazareth or Mahomet. But the words of a living man amongst you. And you, whatever difficulties and sufferings that you are going through, first, know that the person to blame for all this is yourself. And in search for a solution, you shall not go to just any prophet and not just anyone should lay his hands on you. You shall never trade your Salvation for an ephemeral relief from Satan in a Catholic, Protestant, evangelical or Branhamist church. In Genesis 50, Joseph asked that his bones should go up from Egypt with Prophet Moses. And you, if you are a chosen one, you must not die before you accept Kacou Philippe, the living prophet of your time.
Kouassi Yvonne
1. We must not make the same mistakes that the Jews made against the prophets and against the Lord Jesus Christ. Today, the world has built the monument of John Wesley that it so persecuted and humiliated.

2. John Wesley, the man, was sincere. He was a deacon in 1725 but he was not converted. In 1737, returning to England after a mission to the United States, he said: "O God! I went to America to convert Indians. But who will convert me?" In that time, he was loved and approved of everyone. But when, on May 24, 1738, he received the true conversion to which I call the whole earth, he was no longer welcome on God's earth. Suddenly, the beloved son of the Anglican church became a subject of disappointment. John Wesley, speaking of one of those occasions when he escaped the fury of the people, said this: "Thinking that once I am knocked down, I will no longer be able to get up, several tried to throw me down while we were descending a hill on a slippery path in the direction of the city. But I did not flinch, nor slipped. Although several reached out to hold me by the collar or the clothes to overthrow me, they couldn’t do anything. There was only one who was able to hold out the flap of my waistcoat, which soon remained in his hands, the other flap in which there was a bank note was only half torn. A stout man who was following me closely hit me several times from behind with a big stick of oak. ... Another approached through the crowd, and having raised his arm to hit me, he suddenly pulled it down and only touched my head saying: "What a soft hair he has!" They were both Christians and non-Christians. Last month, I had received a stone and tonight, two. Two years ago a piece of brick brushed past my shoulder. Before that, I received a stone between the two eyes. You see? John Wesley suffered in his time like the prophets of the Bible. And as long as God will send a prophet on earth, it shall be thus.

3. But like Branhamists, Methodists do not know anything about John Wesley. Pastor Konan David, of the order of the Branhamists, at the death of Kacou Severin said: "A great man is gone". No one, if he’s not lost, can say that that Kacou Severin, this highway seducer whose soul lies there in hell, is a man of God. A seducer paid homage to a seducer. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. And those gurus of the race of shepherds who build their empire with the skin and the flesh and the bones of their sheep send hundreds of souls to hell.

4. We know today that Branhamists are outdated and some levities of William Branham are unacceptable in the Church today! William Branham would go and preach in the churches on the common points, fraternizing with them and in his congregation, a Baptist pastor could dismiss the audience with words of exhortations and prayers. It was not bad in the evening time but today I tell you that if you are Christians, then you have no right to go and sit in a Catholic, Protestant, evangelical or Branhamist service or at the vigils of payers of those prophets. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. Those are the altars of all the abominations that God cannot leave unpunished. Even if you're travelling, do not go there! What will you seek among them? What will you seek in a Catholic, Protestant, evangelical or Branhamist church, when you are a son of God? Your place is not there! You see?

5. And you, Branhamists, race of frogs! Alive, I will never cease to be for you what the lion is for the breed of deer, and when I am dead, I shall not be less. You know that I am the cancer that will destroy you. The hour of God's judgment has come and you will not escape. The Word has tested everything and the light made your actions known...

6. God is on the scene because we are living at a time of great seduction; Just like in the world they all want to be president of the Republic, in the church too, everyone has a ministry. Prophecies, dreams, visions come from every side to distribute some ministries. They extend the scope of women’s activities to the pulpit. The Name of the Lord Jesus Christ is a business asset; prayer vigils are set each month’s end. People fallen from grace, who are waiting for hell, are servants of God. Sons of demons! There are two things to do: Either you show that I am wrong and I join you or you publicly acknowledge that you are wrong and I dissolve your synagogues. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”]. I've always seen things this way.

7. Three months after my conversion, I read the Bible entirely and they gave me some responsibilities in the church, another ruse of Satan to bind people. I conducted the prayers. But the day when I realized that the pastor wanted to administer me a trinitarian baptism, that is to say in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit, I refused and I gave back all of their documents and I stayed home for two weeks because I did not know that there was a church that baptised in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

8. Know that the time when we sat in temples to condemn is past! The evening time is past! And I do not want that some cunning impostors, inspired by false revelations, rub against what God is doing here. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”] That is another ruse of Satan ...

9. While Christians were preaching against the Catholicism, some Catholics came up such as Francis Xavier, Ochino Bernardino, Jean Pierre Cafara ... who, while remaining Catholics, preached from town to town against the Catholic practices. They want to reform the Catholic church, yet, when a church has fallen, God does not help her up anymore, otherwise the Lord Jesus Christ would do it with the Pharisees and the Sadducees. It is a trap of Satan and in 1545, in agreement with the Protestants, they held a council but at the appointed day, December 13, 1545, no Protestant came. And those same old demons are there today, others even reject pastoral school, the entry of their churches into church councils and federations... They do all that while rejecting the living prophet of their time.

10. But we will never collaborate! The body of Christ is without grafting and his garment seamless. It's a trap of Satan’s, and whoever supports those churches makes himself guilty and makes himself an enemy of God. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”].
Deborah Kacou
7. Cursed be whoever tries to understand or interpret the Word of God in his own way.
shakir shakir
great country oman
ولد السلاطين
Historic Country
Rasverix Xyleighraq
It's Nizwa not Nizva to be correct. Arabic has no v
Sylvan Forsberg
Oman Is a Beautiful Country
Abdulkarim Ali
99.9 % of Omani are Muslim, Other religions are for foreign people
Sarbaaz Chabahar
Beautiful and a peaceful country🌍
mohammed awad
Oman’s Snowden عمان سنودن
The only political documentary film about Oman

The investigative documentary film addresses the social and human rights struggle after the crackdown on demonstrators during the 2011 protests in the Sultanate of Oman.
Oman, which was described by The Economist as the world’s most charming police state seems to have many hidden political secrets. The film follows Oman’s first internet blogger, poet, writer and human rights activist Muawiyah Alrawahi, and poet and activist Habiba Alhanai.
Alrawahi disappeared on the 24th of February 2015 during a trip to the neighboring country United Arab Emirates (UAE). His disappearance was politically motivated and was most likely a joined effort between the UAE and the Omani intelligence services. He was detained for about 16 months at the notorious Al Wathba prison in Abu Dhabi. He was subjected to torture and ill-treatment and was placed with pirates, terrorist suspects, and criminals. His crime was his internet blogging, human rights activities, and defending other Omani activists.

Al-Rawahi's testimony addresses the political situation in Oman prior to his kidnapping by the UAE. The film was shot two weeks after Muawiyah Alrawahi was released from prison in the United Arab Emirates. Three months after the shooting of the film, Muawiyah Alrawahi was again targeted by the Omani intelligence service - fearing for his life he fled to the UK and is now a political refugee living underground.

This documentary is a film of two parts. The second part is based on interviews with author Abdullah Habib, Said AlHashimi, Mohamed AlYahyai, and political refugees in Europe like Mohamed AlFazari, Nabhan AlHanshi, Mohamed AlHarithy and Khalfan AlBadwawi.

هذه هي سلطنة عمان - وليس مصر وليست تونس وليبيا وسوريا.

إن اللقطات التي شاهدتها للتو هي من مظاهرات عام 2011 التي تطالب بالإصلاح.

على 17 يناير 2011، بعد ثلاثة أيام من ثورة الياسمين في تونس ناجحة، اندلعت احتجاجات غير مسبوقة في عمان للمطالبة بالإصلاح السياسي، والدستور، ووضع حد للفساد متجذر.

مثل الحكومات العربية الأخرى ، وردت الحكومة العمانية من خلال قمع المتظاهرين. وكانت النتيجة العديد من الوفيات والاعتقالات الجماعية من قبل قوات الأمن العمانية.

وتشمل التهم الموجهة إلى المقبوض عليهم ، والتي لا يمكن التعرف على جرائمهم بالمعايير الدولية ، "التشهير بالسلطان" ، "التجمع غير القانوني" ، و "انتهاك قوانين جرائم الإنترنت".

يبدو أن الإدانات جزء من حملة انتقامية مستمرة ضد كل أولئك الذين أظهروا بسلام في 2011 و 2012 دعوا لإجراء إصلاحات اجتماعية-سياسية.

في فبراير 2013 ، أصدرت 20 منظمة دولية لحقوق الإنسان ، بما في ذلك الأمم المتحدة ، نداء من أجل إطلاق سراح ناشطي المجتمع السياسي والمجتمع المدني.

وردت السلطات العمانية مع تجريم المنهجي، والسجن، والاختفاء القسري وتعذيب النشطاء والكتاب والمدونين مثل مو-A-wiYA الرواحي والصحفيين من صحيفة Azaman مثل محرر إبراهيم المعمري، والمدافع عن حقوق الإنسان سعيد Jeddad، وعضو البرلمان طالب المعمري.
أفضل الواحات لدعايا والاعلان
تصميم المواقع الالكترونية وتطبيقات الجوال وتسويق الكتروني وتصميم بروشورات وبزنس كارد ولوجو كل هدا واكتر لطلب الخدمة تابعونا لو سمحتم دعمكم لنا يفيدنا
Lia Spring
This is how life should flow ideally.
Praise to the Sultan of Oman for creating this OASIS of PEACE and STABILITY in this region. People of Oman are so peaceful, humble, friendly and welcoming. I can't believe such magic place even exists in our crazy world . We should learn from these ancient countries that are several thousands years old.
Lia Spring
Happy Nation. Liked it very much. That's what absence of any kind of democracy brings- HAPPINESS!
Salaama Haashi
I would love to Study beautyful language of arabic in Oman from Jubbaland state of Somalia
way to peace
ALLAH bless on Oman
Bruno Dionisio
I am a Portuguese happily living in Oman. Definitely the best country in the Arabian Gulf to live in. An example that tradition and culture can be side by side with development and modernity. Very kind and educated people as well!
Nadeen Noni
Yep this video is old
netralissy neutralissy
love oman.. been there and really love it.. unbelievable clean road.. better than dubai really.. nightlife is available .. simply like it.. plan to go back there sokn
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Tourisme au Sultanat d’Oman : culture Sultanate of Oman سلطنة عمان 1 day ago   05:30

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Rania Khodr, directrice de l’office de tourisme du Sultanat d’Oman lève le voile sur le secret le mieux gardé d’Orient.
Retrouvez au travers d’une série de vidéos à thèmes, toutes les réponses aux questions que vous avez posé à propos du Sultanat d’Oman !
La première vidéo, « Culture et traditions » revient sur le généreux patrimoine culturel d’Oman et vous fait découvrir les richesses de l’Arabie heureuse !