Meek Mill - What's Free RICK ROSS - MMG UNTOUCHABLE (OFFICIAL 3 weeks ago   06:03

Meek Mill
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Charles Gilleyen
HOV went in so raw I had to replay his ish 6 times and still at a loss for words # razorback shawty # that way# much love mack and keep it raw like sushi on a seesaw ! ! !
Ross did that!~!! Meek Stood His Ground!! Jigga Landed on The Moon~! ~ CHISENGA
grim reeper
My iq just went up by 5 points listening to jayz
“Been a kdot before a top dawg” 🤨🤨
Sandhu Jatt
I just landed on MARS wth J's verse...💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥
Walter Duncan
Why I have to click the like button three times for my like to be counted
J Trammell
Late to the game, but glad I waited.
Troy Richardson
Jay's verse made me smack and yell at my steering wheel like it meant something lol 🔥
Upshaw Upshaw
feel good to hear real hip hop music again.
Best Trap Hip-hop
If you feel a type of way when listening to this song then your the topic of discussion! Big Factz with a capital f u 😉
Jonathan Hoy
My account so good I'm practically living tax free,,... "Jay Z"
Corey Green
Keep yah head up meek
"send an order through a handsfree.... Kill you in 24hr or shorter, you can't ignore the hand speed". "On God (double entendre.....or en guard. Come at me but check the last verse. Better think about that shit first! Or, I'm just straight flowin with this shit and you can fuck with me either way) This off the head, it's in improv.... But it's no comedy. Sign I fail (another double entendre.... Seinfeld. A master at improv) hell nah.....ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa......... Y'all don't know what the fuck is going on here man.
Everyone givin props to HOV, but what about Rick Ross? Nigga striaght bodied this shit
Bikim Brown
This shit a hot song. But it's not what I was looking for. Average Joe shit bout how they making more money. What's free is when we stop using the word nigga. nigga is another way of saying dummy.
David Allen
Just realized how bad Jay whored Kanye.
Antthonynicole Powell
Jay Cee
Whats beef? Biggie
Devon Mohamed
Niggas not fckin with me real talk
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RICK ROSS - MMG UNTOUCHABLE (OFFICIAL Meek Mill - What's Free 3 weeks ago   04:23

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