LIONDUB & NAVIGATOR @ JUNGLE FEVER Navigator - The Evolution Of A London MC (Part 4 months ago   07:47

Liondub International
DJ LionDub & Navigator in the main room at the legendary Jungle Fever presented by Kool FM along side Andy C, DJ Hype, Bryan G, Nicky Blackmarket, Funky Flirt ,Ruffstuff, Eksman, MC Det, Skibadee & Shabba @ Club Fire, Vauxhall, London, May 2010.

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Chiton Kid
Michael, I see you. (Lawrence, Kansas)
Saw liondub at a rave in chicago back in 09 it was a dope set as is what im hearing from this one good show man
Michael Moore
Crowd looks weak
Don Goliath
b o o m
heather lander
lewis roberts
WAAH!!! what is the first tune? sound like heist
Open Up To The World
rah rah wah wah YEAAAAH!!!
Dj junglee khan 3345
Bassline massive! Looks like a good crowd.
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Navigator - The Evolution Of A London MC (Part LIONDUB & NAVIGATOR @ JUNGLE FEVER 4 months ago   12:42

Navigator is highly regarded as a true pioneer of emceeing in the UK. From early beginnings in the soundsystem era of the 1980's, through an instrumental contribution to the jungle scene in the early 1990's and onto a wealth of successful projects that have included award wins, chart successes and a following across multiple genres and a worldwide appreciation and fanbase. This documentary provides an up close and personal insight of the artist illustrating his huge contribution to dance music and UK MC culture. The short film highlights his influence on the vocal element of bass music over the past 30 years.