Jacob Rees-Mogg: "Sadiq Khan's Sadiq Khan speech disrupted 2 days ago   10:05

Jacob Rees-Mogg, ERG member and Conservative MP, joined Julia Hartley-Brewer to discuss President Donald Trump's UK state visit and the Mayor of London's comments after he called Mr Trump a "20th century fascist". Mr Rees-Mogg also spoke about the Conservative Party leadership contest and who he backs.

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Should the Mayor of London apologise for calling Donald Trump a "20th century facist"? ▼
Hey Jacob, should we call you Victor Rees-Mogg?
Christopher G
Also chiming in from New York: Please Great Britain, take back your country and reassert the goodness of British culture, which was the origin of the US Constitution and individual rights around the worth. Stop denigrating the accomplishments of your ancestors. Yes, they made mistakes, as ALL humans and all countries do, but they were far more courageous than all those simpering Labour party communists. Keep up the good work JRM.
a scott
These people who keep pushing this anti white narrative with their stupid buzzwords. Liberalism is so evil.State you rationale or Let the streets run with blood.
paul castle
When she says things like " cosy up " it shows her TDS .
Firstly, Islam is not a religion, it's an ideology! It has nothing to do with God. How do I know this? Well, let's look at it's beginnings. It was set up by the Catholics as a way of getting the Crusaders to take Jerusalem, and all it's treasure. Mohammed didn't exist. Prove me wrong. What the Catholics did was make up a fictional character, Mohammed, who was the worst sort of person to the western world: a paedophile; a murderer; a slave-owner and taker; a war monger; a subjugator of women. All these disgusting attributes were given to this fictional character to incite disgust in Christians so that they would take Jerusalem, hence the Crusades. In the meantime the Saudis used this ideology to enslave other nations and make them do their bidding or die! Islam was spread by war, not missionaries. It is a disgusting and detestable ideology that is being used to cause chaos and division in Europe and the rest of the western world. The old 'divide and conquer' scenario is still in useful to the evil politicians, bankers and war mongers that run our world.
Jonathan Upward
Khan should fk off, disgrace at such a cunt should be mayor of london,
Peter Williams
JRM is a genuine English gentlemans s kant is nather English or a gentleman and should be deported
John Coetsee
Normally I might support Mog. Here I would like to hear FROM Mog about Tyson chicken to hear about the "very high standards".!
Wise words from a true gentleman. Khan should take note - THIS is what a well-mannered, educated man looks like.
Daniel Thompson
What Khan said sounded very radical
Khan is a race baiting gimp. The little POS is punching wayyyy above his weight. It’s a tactic with him. He knows Trump destroyed his mates in ISIS and is bitter about it. Therefore he picked a fight with Trump to try to take the moral high ground. He lost and looked like the opportunistic clown that he is. Vote him OUT
Very fair interviewer. Something rarely seen in the UK. Well done Ma’am.
Colin Raines
Sadiq Khan A stand up Comedian
Excellent speech Douglas.
What a wonder he'd be an apologist and a glorifier of the British colonial past as he's a fan of the cunt thief queen and his extremely rich upbringing, based on the weath looted from the colonies on which the rich English made their living and fortunes.
Ugh I like him but he's too cold.
O System
The Lair of London is a strange pathetic wannabe ...😂😂😂
Mr. Rees-Mogg is one of these rare species nowadays, a clear-headed, honest politician.
Dong Forsberg Li
Khan is an Idiot & an Evil! He has not competance for the Job London Mayor! Khan comes from the Home of Corruption Pakistan! Now it's not only let him leave the London Mayor Chair! He is a Criminal who steal much from the People!
"You just grab them by the pussy and when you're famous they let you do it too'.
Donald Trump.
He's guilty of untold and Sadiq Khan pulled him up on a lot of the shit he's done!
Nothing Khan said was wrong so for Rees Mogg to try to stir up shit doesn't stand up,Clown!🤡
Top job he did too!
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Sadiq Khan speech disrupted Jacob Rees-Mogg: "Sadiq Khan's 2 days ago   01:56

The London Mayor takes a relaxed approach as Donald Trump 'supporters' attempt a citizen's arrest at London's Fabian Society conference.

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