Meet The Guy Who Wraps Celebrities' Luxury How Jawbreakers Are Made 2 months ago   07:53

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Celebrity car customizer Yianni Charalambous specializes in incredibly rare and expensive cars. Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, McLaren, Bentley, Rolls Royce, he's wrapped them all. Among some of the celebrities he has worked with are KSI, Harry Styles, Rupert Grint, Gordon Ramsay, and Anthony Joshua.

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Meet The Guy Who Wraps Celebrities' Luxury Cars

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Salutations Boi
does he look familiar to anyone else or just me...
Nicole Palmer
Why would you have a Vulcan wrapped? It's original paint is gorgeous enough on it's own.
Jrad Israel
Pounds of what?
I swear the first one was ksis lambo
Leonardo Lopez
Im looking at all these supercars and im noticing that most of them have really bad tires, there all mostly bald, how are you going to afford a car like this and not take care of it smh
A humble joe
Museums Eleventh
Lol just like dbrand
Museums Eleventh
*Meet The Guy Who Riced Celebrities’ Luxury Cars.
wagwan: Da Ali G Show
7:35 When you have to convince reality tv is real
Naeem Wicomb
Looks really difficult
Wrapped up so tight, i wonder what it is!
I never was a fan of chrome, till now. Great job
The Original Gasser
Can you wash the car with the plastic wrap on it?
Electro Skull
Isn't this the lamborghini of KSI?
Wrap your car like a sandwich. Wtf is this guy talking about
"Porsche Cayman 718"

K.F.C Chicken
I hope they didn’t wrap Gordan Ramsay’s car RAW
Trapz - Blob傳說
4:45 looks like a turismo from gta 5
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How Jawbreakers Are Made Meet The Guy Who Wraps Celebrities' Luxury 2 months ago   05:04

Jawbreakers, also known as gobstoppers, are a popular candy that originated in the United Kingdom. While the size of the candy ball varies, jawbreakers often have multiple layers of color and sugar. It can take about four days to make a jawbreaker.

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