Mel Robbins: How to Plan Your Week Are you running out of time? | Mel Robbins 2 days ago   04:56

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How is it that you see something larger for yourself? Well, the first thing that you have to do, the very first thing, is you have to get out of the weeds. Success for people are all in the weeds.

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Mel Robbins
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― Mel Robbins, The 5 Second Rule: Transform Your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage
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Bảo Ngọc Huỳnh
To get out of the weed:
1. Plan your week ahead (or else, you'll be chasing the biggest thing just in the moment)
2. Spend some times to do brain dump, get your todo list out of your head (then decide what really help you and get it completed)
3. Exercise just for 20min/day to rewire your brain
I'm taking the IELTS exam in less than 1 month and I found myself stumbling up and down not doing the things that actually gonna help me.
Bless myself to just man up and stop fooling around in the weed.
Jay P Rawat
Mel Robbin you have great Intention for problems solving . In this video You Explains Business of life you experience in your life it's was so Crazy. Love you Talk Mel Robbins you are real master of brain. I love the solution of Melting Plasticity of your Brain.
I work in intellectual property and just want to say your Fair Use disclaimer has a mistake in it: “3. It is not transformative in nature.”

Through Fair Use it’s a good thing to be transformative in nature, meaning it’s considered a plus if you altered the original or added something to it (critique, commentary, parody, etc.) as opposed to just posting up the original copyrighted material exactly as is… which is basically what you did here.

So in other words, you are pointing out something that works _against_ your claim of Fair Use. No bueno.
O Sensi
A man should never take the advice of a woman on how to plan his day, month , weel etc..,
Duggy Dugg
did a just~one ~thing was on my e pinged me early on..I didn't do it right something to eat..did some errands...but the fact that it was a just~one~thing on my e calendar made it stick in my hung in there...I got to home depot and got the nut for my bike...been putting off doing due to distractions ...not having it in focus when I had free time ...

the j~o~t focusser made it easy to 5..4.. the sucker when I otherwise would have wandered !
Sheridan Stewart
This woman rocks!
Mohd Ismail
love. u my dear teacher.
Mohd Ismail
love. u my dear teacher.
Mohd Ismail
u are really good motivation speaker. n I just watched your these videos.
Julia Uren
Bought the book 5 second rule only half way through it , I love it got up an hour early to exercise I feel great thank you Mel amazing book motivated me no end x
Jayanthi Vittal
Very nice, to the point and funny. Thank you very much.
Aww she's a singer too.
Ray Stein
Law of Attraction doesn't advocate planning anything...
Space for the Soul
2:11 start of tips
1 run life like a business
2 make a list
3 exercise
Ok, I 'll start now 🙌
Madzia M
I love it😆
This is amazing, she is amazing. What a blessing.
I want to add, don't take forever to eat your meal/snack. eat it and be done with it!
"feign interest" lol
Kirsten Johnson
Love your work 🙏🏼❤️🔥
Yan Cerbas
Thank you 😊 for this .. it's good for me ..
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Are you running out of time? | Mel Robbins Mel Robbins: How to Plan Your Week 2 days ago   06:26

Do you have anxiety about being successful? You're not alone.

When things start to happen for you and you're on a roll in your life, it can be easy to feel like time is passing us by without you realizing it.

That sense of urgency can shoot your emotions straight into the future, where anxiety lives. I’ve come to understand that the warp speed and thoughts about the future can be controlled, and in this video, I share the strategies I use to ground myself and slow. life. down.

This was a great question from a private event with alumni of my Power of You course. It's a big concept that I think so many of us can relate to. Remember, you're in charge and you control the pace!


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