Development of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed (FULL) exclusive 2 days ago   07:54

From 1949 up to the present and a peek to the future...

Burj Dubai is still under construction and yet another mega structure is on the line. The AL BURJ, at 1200 meters tall or 1km, more than 200 floors, it will be 30% taller than Burj Dubai which is currently the tallest in the world.


Written accounts documenting the existence of the city have existed at least 150 years prior to the formation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

A majority of the emirate's revenues are from trade, manufacturing and financial services. Revenues from petroleum and natural gas contribute less than 6% (2006) of Dubai's US$ 37 billion economy (2005). Dubai has attracted world-wide attention through innovative real estate projects and sports events. This increased attention, coinciding with its emergence as a world business hub, has also highlighted human rights issues concerning its largely foreign workforce.

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iDzhoks TV
я из 2017года 🎇🎆❇✨.И да с новым годом, 🕌🕋 ☝
Matej Leško
this video shows the lowest point of humanity. 
Ryusei Sasaki
the burj khalifa is already made
chris jones
dubai runs on oil and tourism
the jealousy in this comments is just threatening :(
been there on holiday a week ago :) unbelievabely beautifull city i miss it very much!! hope to come there again soon!
Stone Face 222
very nice video :) can u tell me the name of this tune please?
Dt Candia
ONE H-BOMB or hydrogen bomb will vaporize Dubai in an instant!

What good is the billions of money you got if you cannot defend yourself?

USA is still the greatest country in the WORLD!
Rodney Dunmore
look here people the usa is 9 trillion dollars in debt so the good man of this country is doing a wonderful job with the country i think will set the verry example to all of our WORLD
Lelouch Bezarius
no not serveral years... Kuwait paid them the 60Billion !!!! i wouldnt do that if i were the kuwaiti Emir.. i would make the tallest sclupted tower (Al HAmra tower) in kuwait even taller
Im always sceptical about cities growing this fast without having a historical background to support good foundations.
But I really do hope it will become a good sustainably city which I might visit one day.
Dt Candia
DUBAI.... The empire of DUBAI is tumbling.

World news, Dubai owes 60 BILLIONS dollars!

It would takes several years to pay it's debt from world bank. Obviously, the constructions
of these buildings is from Foreign money.
So this is where the money we used for gas goes...
Oh my gosh this city is rich
what??? whats wrong about it?
osvaldas urbonas
i did't know that dubai was in that time i thouht dubai was sarted in 1990 but in future it's cool! i rate this video 5/5
the dubai is now the best city in the world.
haha i lived there pm me if u want to learn about it i lived for 10 years so yea i moved to canada in 2007
Thats exactly what they say translated: "from a desert to a green heaven!"
james bond
wat a gr8 piece of architecture....i m looking forward on being one in future so i simply look to these kinda videos...well thnx ..~!! i m gonna hav to subcribe u ....
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Sheikh Mohammed (FULL) exclusive Development of Dubai 2 days ago   24:03

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